Yes, I still have a blog!

My excuse for not blogging #47: I’m sure most everyone that reads my blog is also my friend on Facebook, so therefore there’s really no need to blog.

I don’t really talk about my cancer treatment on Facebook but in any case, there’s not much to report.  I still get IV chemo once  month…

And I take a handfull of pills on Tuesdays…

I go in every other week to get blood work done and only meet with Dr. Ellis every other month.  If all goes according to plan, I should only have 6 more months, finishing up at the end of November.

In non-cancer related news, nothing much has changed since my last blog post at the end of January.  I turned 30, which only sucks because I’ve moved up an age bracket on those forms where you have to select your age range.

We went with my parents to Biloxi, MS, for a long weekend trip to the beach and to celebrate my Mom’s 60th.

Ryan is still going to pre-school a few days a week and learning something new everyday.  He’s playing t-ball and we joined a gym by our house so we can take him to the pool.  Our library is awesome and we are doing a summer reading program that has some pretty cool prizes.  We try to stay pretty busy!


3 thoughts on “Yes, I still have a blog!

  1. Laura,
    glad you posted tis, I had no idea. I had heard you make reference to “a bad hospital trip” a couple of times in book club, but I had no idea what you were talking about. Glad it looks like its coming to a end soon!!!
    Robin Crain

  2. I am glad you give some news, I turned 30 also few days ago, but this is not the link. My husband was diagnosed with an ALL March 2011, chemo, bone marrow transplant, and recovery… I do not know, I like to know that you are feeling good! so tx for posting!

  3. Hey there! Great to see you blogging. Believe it or not the pills look like more of a problem than the IV chemo…..need a spoon for all those pills!!! At any rate, it is good to see that your life is pretty much normal, and I am thankful to see that you hit the big “30” and look forward to you continuing to move up those age brackets in the future! 🙂

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