January 2012 Recap

I’m not sure I can call myself a blogger anymore as I haven’t done a post since December 8th.  This blog started off as an account of my treatments,  thankfully treatments have been not as often, and I guess I’ve felt that I shouldn’t post as much.  I might just start doing some random blog posts here and there, but as far as updates on my health go, I think I’ll stick to a monthly update.

I met with Dr. Ellis on the 3rd of this month.  He said my counts  have been looking great and so we’re going to shoot for me only having to come into the office every other week.  I had chemo on the 3rd, went in for labs on the 17th, then back in again today for more chemo.  I haven’t posted my counts in a while either, so here were todays:

WBC:  5.1

Hbg:  12.8

Platelets:  233

All of those are normal, and even on the really good end of normal!  I had thought I’d be finished in December of this year,  but I found out it should be the end of October!  I couldn’t remember when I started this last year of maintenance, I guess December stuck in mind because that’s when I got the hickman taken out.  So that means, only approx. 10 months of treatment left!!  Next month, on the 25th, marks two years of this.  I was going to try to assemble my “stats” so when I’m done, I can say that I had x number of doctors appointments, x number chemo treatments, x number of spinal taps, x number of bone marrow biopsies, shots, pills, etc…  I think that’s pretty well near impossible, but it might give me a good project to work on.

To recap on the Winstead Family since the beginning of December…

We had a great Christmas.  This was the first year we didn’t go to my parents house for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, and I have to say,  it was nice waking up in our own beds Christmas morning and watching Ryan go bananas over all of the stuff Santa brought him.  We did visit my parents the weekend before Christmas, and John’s grandparents in Memphis the week before that.  Ryan must have been a pretty good little dude this year:

And a pretty funny one too, here’s a link to a YouTube video of some of his best material:  Funny Man

On the 5th of this month Ryan fell off the playground at school and broke his arm!  That was a Thursday, we didn’t take him to urgent care until Saturday.  Yes, that’s right, I was going for Parent of the Year as early in the year as possible.  In my defense, he didn’t complain about it, it wasn’t swollen or bruised right after he did it.  That Saturday morning it had started to bruise just a little so we decided to get it checked out.  Prognosis:  a broken radius (buckle fracture) and on top of that, strep throat.  Absolutely no signs of that until we were in the waiting room.  Way to save us a co-pay Ry-Guy!

Right now he’s in a smaller velcro cast (purple, after compromising from him wanting a pink one) that can be taken off at bath & bed time.  We go back tomorrow and hopefully it can come off altogether.

Apart from Ryan’s cast, we also have nephew, mom-in-law and father-in-law in various casts as well.  It’s been a rough go for the Winstead bones as of late.  John’s parents take care of Shannon’s 4 month old baby girl and needed a little extra help this week, so my (saint of a) mother is staying with us and helping them out during the day.

What else… we are going to STL the weekend of Feburary 11th to celebrate my big 3-0!  No solid plans for that Saturday yet, but consider this an open invitation to anyone who would like to partake in the festivities.  Keep your calendar open and let me know if you can make it and I’ll pass on the details.

I read The Fountainhead this month and am about half way through The Great Gatsby.  I started off the year with the longest book on my list so the other classics would seem to be short in comparison.  I’m going to have a hard time reaching my goal of 50 books this year if this pace continues.  I’ve also been trying to stay on top of music news and updating playlists.  Have I told you to go get a free Spotify account?  Go now, I’ll wait:  http://www.spotify.com   I did get around to making a best of 2011… which you hear using your new Spotify account:  2011  I have lots of other playlists on there are well.

One more thing… Did you click on that link above to watch the YouTube video of Ryan telling jokes?  No, well you better go ahead and do it because it’s pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “January 2012 Recap

  1. I clicked on your link and loved! He is a funny dude, very true. I love his sweet voice. So happy to hear all counts are good, treatment is up in October…2012 is already off to a great start 🙂

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