Terrible 3’s?

Last week my sister Pam and niece Torie came in town so she could tour Drury University and they stayed with us for a couple nights.  I don’t really get to see either of them that often, or at least for that long at a time, so it was nice to have them here.  They got in late on Thursday night, then were at Drury all day on Friday whilie Ryan stayed home with me, then Friday night we all went out for pizza.  Torie’s bedtime is about the same time as Ryan’s so after they were in bed, my sister and I went to a karaoke bar so she could sing.  Not me,  I love music and singing, but not in public.  Plus, the kind of music I like they don’t have in karaoke books.   They stayed until around 2 on Saturday before they had to head back.

We spent the rest of the weekend trying to keep Ryan in line.  They should call it the “terrible 3’s” because he wants to challenge everything we say.  I don’t want to raise a little brat and have been hearing “I don’t like my Mommy, my Mommy is mean!” a lot lately when it’s time for him to spend a few minutes in time-out.  Hopefully this a phase that will end soon!

On Wednesday’s our library has story time in the early afternoon, so last week and today Ryan & I attended.  It lasts about an hour; they read books, sing songs, dance, play instruments & more.  Ryan is sooo shy, he sits on my lap until the last few minutes before he finally gets into it.  He gets a sticker and we check out a few books, he even got his own library card!  It’s a great (free!) activity to do together so if you have little ones and haven’t been, you should go check it out!

Here is a video of Ryan reading a book “I Was So Mad!”  Don’t be worried, I can’t understand half of it either 🙂

In treatment news, yesterday I had my monthly IV chemo and stared the steroids.  Seems like I just did it!  Counts are looking up again, but still have to go every week until after the first of the new year.


2 thoughts on “Terrible 3’s?

  1. Cashel is doing the same thing, as did the other two when they were three. I think it has to do with independence, a growing vocabulary (WHY do we teach them to talk?), and frustration with realizing pretty much everyone is bigger than they are. It’s like they’re tiny Rick Morranis’…

    I’m going to keep telling myself this so I don’t try and sell C on eBay…he’s making me a little (more) insane.

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