Nashville & World Series

This past weekend was a blast!  Thursday Ryan and I headed up to my parents house.  We got my favorite pizza from home, Pogolinos, and watched the World Series game with Mom & Dad.  Friday morning I headed to Nashville to spend the weekend with my college roommate Karen.

I got in town around 1 on Friday and we headed to this little burger joint.  The line was out the door and for good reason, awesome burger and fries.  (ps.  I didn’t count any points for Weight Watchers this whole weekend…. really for like the past week but I’m back on it)  We did some shopping for the rest of the afternoon including my first visit to a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  I wish Springfield were just a little bit bigger then we might get some cool stores.  We had dinner at my favorite restaurant- P.F. Changs.  Kung Pow Scallops, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Saturday we went to an area that had lots of booths set up with art, jeweler and what-not.  It was a beautiful day, live music and lots of cool things to look at.  We had lunch at Taco Mamacita, a neat restaurant with different tacos.  From there we went to Centennial Park and walked around for a while.  It’s right next to Vanderbilt and there was a game going on so it was pretty crowded.  There is a place in the park where they do live music every Saturday so we grabbed a blanket and sat and listened to music for a couple hours.  Danny Goeke from American Idol was right in front of us, I don’t listen to country but I do watch Idol so it was kind of neat to see him.  Of course, Karen is used to “celebrity” sightings, her boss had seen Taylor Swift at Starbucks that morning.

That evening we toured a little brewery, Yazoo.  Karen doesn’t like beer so we had to be creative in finding places to pour out her samples 🙂  I picked up a growler of their stout as a gift for John then we moved on to find a place for dinner and to watch the World Series game.  We FINALLY found a place to watch it at the 7th place we went to.  Ridiculous.  It’s not like it’s June and I’m asking to watch a Cardinals game…  it’s the WORLD SERIES!  We ate and watched the until about the 6th before we headed back to her house to watch the rest.  We were both pretty tired so we hit the sack pretty early (at least compared to our old days).

Sunday we had what I thought at the time was an awesome brunch.  I told her I’d require a trip to this place every time I was in town.  Turns out, she must have gotten food poisoning and missed a couple days of work.  We blame the eggs benedict.  It’s the only thing she had that I didn’t.   With a full belly and sleepy eyes, I started the 5.5 hour drive back to my parents house.  All in all, not a bad drive at all.  I was very, very happy to see Ryan!!  He did great for Mom & Dad, she said he only teared up once when he was talking to me on Saturday, that’s a good amount to miss his Mama.  We had dinner with my parents, sister and niece Brandi,  I watched most of the game and turned in early.

Ryan & I headed back home and Monday afternoon.  That night Ryan was very glad to see his Daddy and even Rowdy too.  I spent Tuesday morning at the doctor (counts are doing good), the grocery store and getting the house back in order.   Cleaning, laundry, and a little bit of relaxing.

It was a very fun trip and I want to thank Mom & Dad for keeping Ryan, I know they loved having him but I just hope they are not too tired.

Wednesday morning we had our Parents as Teachers visit and asked about some concerns we have about Ryan’s speech.  We can understand what he says, but most others have a hard time.  She will send the test in and we should hear something in a couple weeks to see if he qualifies for the free state speech therapy.  If he doesn’t, we may look into some programs for him at Missouri State.  If there is something we can do to help with his development, we want to do it early.  Other than that concern, he’s doing awesome!  He can count to 14 & knows most of his upper case letters.

I will be blogging about Halloween after all of our festivities… something Halloween related 5 days in a row starting last night.  Tonight I’m pretty concerned about game 7.  After thinking we were out of the race earlier in the season, it will be heartbreaking to get this far and lose.  At least they have been awesome games to watch… and David Freese… Amazing!


2 thoughts on “Nashville & World Series

  1. Aw I want to come see you in December to see Ryan! Also- bestest photo ever and wonderful weekend- worth the food poisoning I’d say.

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