Heather’s Married!

Last weekend one of my best friends in Springfield got married!  Heather and Dan had a beautiful wedding and a really fun reception. Mom & Dad came down for the weekend to stay at our house with Ryan since it was a hectic weekend.  We had to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, John had to work Saturday morning, wedding Saturday evening and we stayed the night at the Oasis, where they had the reception.   Congrats to the happy couple!


This past week was pretty uneventful, again I got to skip going to the doctor for the weekly blood work!  I have had allergies or a cold or something on and off for a few weeks now, it’s mostly just annoying.  Otherwise, I’m feeling really good!

Ryan, as always, has been keeping us busy.  The other day I gave him a time out and, as he often does, he ran to his room and closed the door.  I usually let him stay in there until he comes back out on his own, when he then tries to bargain with the time of his standing in the corner.  John’s mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking and I realized he’d probably been in his room about 15 minutes.  I went to check on him… He had dumped all of his clothes out of the basket in front of the door and fell asleep on top of them.  🙂


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