Baby Boom and a Wedding

Three of my really good friends have had their babies in the past week!  I mentioned it on the last blog post, but Shannon & Kevin had Alison (Ali) Marie on Labor Day!

Our friends Cassie and Jared had Harper Grace on 9/8, what a beautiful baby girl!

Courtney and Nick had Emma LeeAnne on 9/11.  Ryan now has a new, pretty girlfriend to go with his buddy Jack 🙂  Court, glad we got one more lunch in on Thursday before she made her arrival!

My cousin Drew got married to his love Kara this past Saturday in Wayland, IA.  We left for Mom and Dad’s house on Thursday evening to ride up with them on Friday morning.  We got to Iowa around 2 in the afternoon on Friday for the rehearsal dinner that evening.  Ryan was the ring bearer and I have to be honest, I was about 95% sure he wasn’t going to do it.  Practices on Friday didn’t go swimmingly…

Saturday was beautiful and so was the bride.  They got married at her father’s house, a gorgeous estate with a lake and an island.  The wedding was held on a gazebo on the island, with a giant tent set up to have the reception across the bridge on the side of the house.  Ryan a great job with his ring bearer duties!  The wedding was so pretty and they looked so happy.  They had wedding pie instead of cake, which was an awesome idea.  My cousin Jenn and I were in charge of the pie cutting and serving, which we dominated.  I was so honored to have my son in their big day and I wish them well on the upcoming move and new marriage!

In treatment news, I had last week off!  I didn’t have to go into the office for blood work.  It was the first time in 19 months that I hadn’t been to the doctor at least once a week.  76 weeks in a row of going to the doctor.  Beat that!   Yesterday I had my monthly IV chemo, a fistful of pills (started steroids, boo!) and started a zpac since I have had a cold/ allergies or something.


3 thoughts on “Baby Boom and a Wedding

  1. Both photos are prize winners! I look forward to reading your posts, and I am so thankful you are enjoying a more “normal” and healthy life! Take care!!!! 🙂

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