Labor Day Weekend

Friday night was First Friday Art Walk so we headed downtown to check it out.  It was really crowded and I think we only made it into one gallery, but we did get to hear some good music while walking around.

Saturday morning was Prime’s employee picnic.  They had lots of inflatables, rides and games for kids.  There were snow cones, ice cream, BBQ and lots of other food that is high in Weight Watchers points.  Saturday evening we went over to our friends Tom & Laura’s new house for some awesome food.  Tom smoked ribs and they were delicious.

Sunday morning we headed down to Branson to try to snag some deals at the outlet malls.  It was craziness!  We got there right at 10 and had no problems finding a parking spot, by the time we left a couple hours later, there was not a single spot left.  We got some winter clothes for Ryan, just in time too since this morning it was 47 degrees.  Sunday night we decided to take Ryan to his first movie, the Smurfs at the drive-in.  He did really good and would have done even better if it would have been a movie that interested him a little more.  (It really was a bad movie)

Monday was a lot more relaxed.  The weather was beautiful so we opened all the windows and spent a lot of the day getting some things done around the house.  Ryan helped me dust and put away laundry.

Monday was also “Labor Day” in a literal sense.  My sister-in-law Shannon went into labor!  More on that later 🙂


One thought on “Labor Day Weekend

  1. Sounds like a fun and fairly relaxed weekend for you. So good to read about the events of a more normal life for you as well as the continued great news of your recovery. Blessings to you and your family! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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