Bone Marrow Results

On Tuesday the 2nd I had a bone marrow biopsy, just a routine one done every six months during maintenance therapy.  They called on Monday to let me know that it looked great, exactly what they want to see.  I posted on Facebook about the results and I was amazed at how many people commented and liked it.  So treatment continues to go well and I have my LAST EVER spinal tap this upcoming Tuesday.  I’ll have to double check the number, but I think that makes 21 or 22 or something ridiculous.  I’m for sure on the homestretch of treatment!  🙂

Last weekend John and I went to the lake with my cousin Brian and his wife Jenn.  It was the first time we’ve spent more than one night away from Ryan since November of 2009.  It was a fun and relaxing weekend, just what the doctor ordered (except my doctor ordered me not to get in the lake).  Saturday the weather started to cool down a little from the rain and we spent all afternoon on the boat.  We grilled that night and watched a movie, just relaxed.  On Sunday John and Brian went wake boarding and skiing.

This week was busy too, John’s brother, his wife and their kiddos were here.  I got my haircut.  Ryan got his haircut.  Ryan & I had lunch with my cousin Dustin.

Today we are heading to De Soto!  My cousin Al is organizing another golf tournament and I’m super excited to see all of the family.  There are around 25 teams playing this year which is awesome!  In fact, we need to be packing up the car and heading out now, I will post pictures soon.


4 thoughts on “Bone Marrow Results

  1. So happy for you and your family! I know it’s been hard, but you’re almost DONE! That’s so awesome. Have a great weekend and post pics of your new ‘do! Love you, Joanna

  2. You guys look absolutely adorable, peach! So happy spinal taps will be a thing of the past — hope Tuesday’s is easy! Have a great weekend!

  3. Praise God! Happy news is so awesome and I am so happy for you and your family, Laura. What an inspiring story you have and I am sure you have touched more lives than you can imagine. Continued prayers for continued happy news!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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