Happy 3rd Birthday Little Buddy!

You’re probably thinking I forgot how to blog…. I was kind of thinking the same thing.  I haven’t got pictures off my camera in a while and that’s often what prompts the writing.  Here are some of the fun things we’ve been doing lately:

TURNING 3 YEARS OLD!!  Ryan’s birthday was on Monday, the 25th.  For his birthday party we went to Jump Mania.  We had the place to ourselves Sunday morning for a couple hours before it opened to the public which is the only way to do it.  He had lots of little friends there and got lots of awesome gifts, so thanks again to everyone who was able to make it!

My parents and niece Brandi came down for Ryan’s birthday.  Last Thursday Brandi spent the night with us while Mom & Dad went down to Branson.  They all came up on Saturday and stayed with us until Monday.  It was a very nice visit, Mom & Dad hadn’t seen Ryan in a couple months, which I think is the longest they have gone without seeing him.

TURNING 35!!  🙂  John’s birthday is just two days after Ryan’s so to celebrate John’s mom made us a lovely dinner.  No bounce houses or slides for John’s birthday, poor John.

My niece Chelsey had come to visit a couple weeks ago, she made the trip down just to watch the new Harry Potter with me opening weekend.  Ryan had a great time playing with her, it’s been nice for him to be able to spend some one on one time with his cousins.  My niece Torie just needs to come down next!

A couple weeks ago Ryan and I went up to the lake to stay with Brian, Jenn & Tyson for a night.  We played in the water the next day and of course rode in the boat.  I even let Ryan go tubing with Brian.  There was no traffic and we went slow, I was still a little nervous but Ryan loved it!

Other than that, nothing really new is going on with treatment.  I had a spinal tap on the 19th and I should have my last one ever next month!  This upcoming Tuesday I have a bone marrow biopsy.  It’s just routine, I will have to get them every 6 months or so.  My counts have been good and I’ve been feeling good!

I’ve been doing more work with Winstead Media Group and have kept really busy redesigning my wedding site.  Springfield-Wedding.com  I built this site 5 years ago when John & I were planning our wedding and besides updating some of the vendor lists, haven’t really touched it.  I’ve spent probably 20 hours or so in the past couple weeks redoing the look and updating all the vendors.   Please go there and “like” me on Facebook.  Gracias.


3 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday Little Buddy!

  1. Hi! I think I’ve forgotten how to blog, too…love the pictures, glad you are feeling good! Sounds like things are great 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  2. Love the pics and really love reading about your life becoming more “routine”! Normal is a good thing….PTL!! 🙂

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