Round 3- Day 57

This past Tuesday I had my monthly dose of IV Vincristine and started 5 days of my favorite thing in the world- steroids!  I hate the side effects of the steroids, but looking back at what I’ve gone through so far in treatment, I am just going to be thankful this is all I’m dealing with right now.  The chemo doesn’t make me feel sick, but rather tired for a couple days and that’s really nothing new.  Although I don’t remember what it’s like to feel “normal” anymore, I am feeling good and think I’ve reached a point where I understand what my body is going to feel like for the next year and a half… and that I can only feel better from here.

Monday I started Weight Watchers, I’ve had success with it in the past before my wedding and I have a couple friends who are on it right now.  I think I’ve mentioned it before and if you’ve ever met me, you know that I like a plan and that’s why I like this diet.  I have a website and an app on my iPhone that tells me exactly what to do.  You can eat what you want and it’s mostly about portion control, which is a big problem for me.  Probably because I’ve been out of control with a “screw it, I’m eating what I want” attitude since my diagnosis.  No more.  I will keep you all updated as I know you’re all sitting on the edge of your chair waiting 🙂

Last Friday night we went outlet shopping in Branson so we could get Ryan some clothes that fit him!  Most of his current PJs are too little and while all of his shorts from last year still fit him (he’s so tall and skinny!) he needed bigger shirts.  I love a deal so I found every coupon possible and we ended up getting some great bargains at Carters and Children’s Place.  Saturday night we went out for pizza with Shannon & Kevin and Jim & Maureen at Godfather’s Pizza.  Then for Father’s day we went over to Jim & Maureen’s for lunch and home for a family nap.  It was a really nice weekend.

Ryan & I had a Grape Whip date on the deck

What?  You don’t know what Grape Whip is?  Well if you’re from Springfield you know the famous hula girl at the Pineapple Whip stand, but they also have Grape Whip!  While not as good as the pineapple, it was still a tasty treat and a good alternative to Sno-Biz (the best shaved ice place ever!) which is no longer in town.

Nothing super exciting to report, but if you want to see some of the new PJs dancing around, here’s a video:



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