Memorial Day

The Thursday night before Memorial Day, John won some tickets to a suite at the Springfield Cardinals game.  We sat in the outside seats of the suite most of the night, which was actually pretty chilly.   Ryan of course wasn’t interested at all in the game, but mainly in the peanuts.  It’s fun to take Ryan… as long as you don’t really want to watch any of it.  🙂

Our Attempt at a Family picture

We had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.  We went to the Lake of the Ozarks with my cousins Brian & Jenn and Jenn’s family.  Jenn’s parents have a house there (complete with 2 boats and a jet ski!) and were kind enough to invite us along.  We got there early Saturday afternoon and it wasn’t long before we had Ryan out in the boat for the first time.  I thought he’d be kind of scared at first, but nope, not a bit.  He was pretty fearless all weekend.  Jenn’s Dad, Rick, caught a fish from the dock and told Ryan to come touch it and he didn’t even hesitate.  The water was too cold to get in but we all had a good time getting out on the boat, doing a little fishing from the dock, laying around and playing with with kids.

I’m a bit behind on the blogging because this past week I’ve taken on a couple projects for my business, Winstead Media Group.  It’s nice to be busy again and I feel like I’m maybe starting to have more energy.  Maybe I’ll try a new approach…  If I’m tired sitting at home resting, I might push myself as hard as I can to give myself something to be tired about.

This weekend has been a really good one so far too.  Friday night we went to Art Walk downtown… or at least we tried.  John had to go in early that day but that also meant he got off early.  We met for dinner at Springfield Brew Co at 5.  I had to crack up at Ryan during dinner… When we were ordering, John asked if the waitress could bring him a side of BBQ sauce and Ryan turns to the waitress and says “Could you bring me some ketchup for my french fries?”  Maybe you had to be there, but how he asked was really funny.  We only made it into one art gallery before we decided Ryan forgot his listening ears elsewhere and we needed to head home.

Saturday John had to work so Ryan and I spent the morning hanging out and making a trip to Wal-Mart.  He took a monster nap that afternoon and in the evening we went over to Chris and Cindy’s house for dinner.  We don’t get to hang out with them that often anymore so that was a lot of fun.

Today has been pretty laid back, but included yet another trip to Wal-Mart… this time to get a sprinkler for Ryan to play in!  When he wakes up from the nap he’s taking right now he’s not going to know what hit him!   Hopefully I can get some good pictures of that and post those soon.


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