As I mentioned in my last blog post, just last week we found out that my Uncle John had cancer.  By the time they found it, it was in both lungs, liver, bones, brain… pretty much everywhere.  He passed away last Saturday night, 5/14.  While I am sad and will miss him, he was in so much pain that I know he is in a better place now.  My Aunt Linda seems to be doing well, but I am still asking for prayers for her and the rest of his family.  I went home on Sunday night, the visitation was Monday night and he was buried Tuesday.  It all happened so fast, but I suppose that’s a blessing.

John, Dad and my John

While I’m talking about sad subjects, someone else lost their fight with cancer this month.   His name was Austin and he lived in Boston, I found his blog soon after my diagnosis and have been following it ever since.    He too had ALL and I loved how honest he was – here is a link to his blog:  Austin’s Blog   The speaker at Relay for Life talked about the bond you have with a fellow cancer survivor and it really is something you can’t describe.  While I didn’t know him, I felt like we had a connection and I respect how brave he seemed knowing the end was so near for him.


3 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. Sorry to hear about your uncle, Laura. Your family’s in my thoughts. It was really good to see you at Relay For Life! Lots O Love!

  2. So sorry to hear about these losses in your life. My prayers for comfort and peace in addition to the ones I continue to lift up for your continued total healing. Take care… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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