Maintenance Round 3

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post and the reason why is a combination of being busy and just not being in the mood. This weather, all this rain, I just lounge on the couch and read. I’ve decided to go back and read the Harry Potter books. Forever ago I had read only the first three, I’ve already finished the first four. Yes, without direction from my book club I read books written for teenagers.

We’ve been pretty busy the past couple weeks. We took Ryan to Rock N’ Ribs a couple weekends ago and he was really good. He had cotton candy for the first time and needless to say, he loved it. Last Wednesday one of my oldest and dearest friends Takara was in town for a Dierks Bentley show. She spent the night with us that night and we spent the whole day on Thursday together. On Saturday morning Mom & Dad came into town for Easter. John along with this Dad and our brother-in-law Kevin, went to a gun class in the afternoon while we took Ryan to Incredible Pizza. On Easter Sunday John went to mass really early by himself so he could stay at home with Ryan while we went to mass at 11. My parents and I met Jim & Maureen and Shannon & Kevin (and baby girl Ailor!) at church. After mass we had a delicious dinner – ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls, and salad. For dessert we headed over to Jim & Maureen’s house a rabbit cake that Shannon made, ice cream and coffee. It was a great visit with the parents.

Ryan with his Paw-Paw's hat and using his finger as a moustache

Yesterday morning I started my third round of maintenance. Maureen went with me for the day that started out with a visit with Dr. Ellis. I found out the results of my bone density scan. I have osteopenia, which is like pre osteoporosis ; we talked about putting me on a new drug but I haven’t started anything yet. My counts were all really good.

WBC: 4.7

Hgb: 12.9

Platelets: 134

From visiting with Dr. Ellis we went down to outpatient to get chemo. After my dose of vincristine we headed over to radiology for a lumbar puncture. Everything went well, but it was a long day and we didn’t get home until 3 and I didn’t eat until after that. I felt pretty nauseous after eating, but that passed and I spent the evening lounging with John & Ryan. Ryan and I set up his stuffed animals in a circle for our story time so I could show all of them the pictures. Ryan then took a turn reading and asked “Did you like that story boys and girls?” He’s so adorable. 🙂

Snuggling on the couch after a nap


4 thoughts on “Maintenance Round 3

  1. Lounge time looks awesome – how adorable are the two of you? And I’m glad you’re reading HP; Justin read them all for the first time this year. Makes for a fun movie marathon!

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