Compression Fractures

Last I wrote I had mentioned that I had to get a back x-ray since I was having some weird tingling in my lower back after a slip down a few stairs.  At first I thought I had just really bruised my ego, I mentioned it to the nurses but didn’t really push it.  After a couple weeks it was still bothering me so I told Dr. Ellis and I had the x-rays last Wednesday.  I went in this morning for my weekly appointment and asked my nurse about the results.  Turns out I have scoliosis and compression fractures in my spine.  Really?  I was just thinking there wasn’t enough wrong with me.

“There is a levoscoliosis in the upper lumbar spine…. There is a slight compression of the superior endplate of approximately T6 and T5 of indeterminate age….. Scoliosis with compression fractures.”

I guess T6 and T5 is somewhere in between my shoulder blades.  It doesn’t really hurt, it just aches or feels like I need to pop my back constantly.  Then there’s the unnerving issue (get it? ha!) in that when I move a certain way, I get tingly.  Of course my  first question was what do we do next?  Tomorrow morning I have to do a bone density test to determine if I have osteoporosis.  Yes, the same thing old ladies get.   And I fall down stairs.  I might need to get a hip replacement next.

I am not sure of what happens next if it is osteoporosis, maybe more medication?  I asked what we do if that’s not it, she told me about cementing the spine.  Sounds like the last thing I need.  I found a good article that goes into a little more detail about all of it and it’s actually a lot less invasive than it sounds

On a brighter note, my counts were outstanding again today.

WBC: 6.2

Hgb:  13.2

Platelets:  223



6 thoughts on “Compression Fractures

  1. Hey, been there on this one… If they determine they do need to do a vertebroplasty (or kyphoplasty) it’s really not a big deal… Sounds scary, but it helped Nathan a lot, and it’s normally an outpatient procedure. I’m betting you will probably have to start taking a calcium supplement, and maybe some osteoporosis meds.. some of those you just have to take once every three months…and one is just one time a year, I think– That’s a piece of cake for you! At least that’s what they made Nathan do, but it sounds like you aren’t nearly as bad as he was, too… I know it sounds weird, but it might be good that you fell down the stairs because it is bringing this stuff to the surface now before it gets way worse. It’s probably caused by those f’n important steroids…They leach calcium from your bones… I don’t know why bone density scans once every 6 months or so aren’t standard procedure for people who take steroids, but you are the second person in addition to Nathan that I’ve heard of with issues with osteoporosis. Sucks though, and I’m sorry you have to deal with it. 😦

    • Thanks for the comment! I read every one of your posts, but need to do a better job of commenting 🙂 F’in steroids is right! I hate them! I am on dexamethasone (sp?) for 5 days at a time, then off for a few weeks, then back on. I have such bad joint pain when I stop them and they make me so puffy. I think you’re right about finding out about it now, before it gets worse. I have been taking a calcium supplement for at least the past 6 months, so I guess adding another pill or two won’t be a big deal. Thanks for letting me know about the vertebroplasty, that makes me feel a lot better in case I ever have to get one. It really doesn’t sound too much different than a spinal tap. Ps. That Single Ladies video you posted was hilarious 🙂

  2. If you’re an old lady already, where’s our beach house and rocking chairs?!! Make yourself a hot toddy and eat a few pieces of hard candy, Ethel. 🙂 “See” ya tonight!

  3. Cementing the spine?! That does not sound nice at all!! Have they talked about injections or anything like that to help with any swelling? Don’t you go fallin apart on me over there. 🙂 Take it easy….back injuries are no joke, but definitely something you can recover from if you’re nice to your body!

  4. Hey lady, sorry to hear about all this, but you definitely sound pretty positive! Hope they get things all figured out 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you!

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