Chemo Day!

Every Tuesday is doctor day, but this Tuesday is chemo day too.  It’s crazy how much your mind set can change, a chemo treatment like this seems like a big deal now because I only get it once a month.  I used to get this along with other chemo treatments in the same day, several times a week.  I knew there would come a point when I would look  back and wonder, “how did I do that?”, I just didn’t think I would still be going through treatment when it crossed my mind.

I saw Dr. Ellis this morning for the first time in about a month.  My counts are doing awesome and my body is responding a lot better with this second round of maintenance than it did to the first.  He thought that it was because I was still recovering from the hard stuff at the end of regular treatment.  I start steroids today for 5 days (boo!) and he also wanted me to get an x-ray of my back.  When I last went home I had a little fall down the stairs and ever since then when I sit a certain way and move my head in a certain way, my lower back tingles.  I go in for that tomorrow and will keep you all posted if it’s anything serious.

Not only are my counts awesome for me, but they are all in the normal range!

WBC:  4.1

Hgb:  12.5

Platelets:  200

In non-medical news, this last weekend one of my college roommates came to visit.  Laura J.  LJ.  We had a good time catching up and eating lots of good food.  Ebbets, Marias, Umi…. Yum…   I’m hungry and can’t stop thinking of food, and I haven’t even started the steroids yet today!  I was offered a menu to eat in hospital food here in outpatient but I decided to wait since it’s only a 30 minute drip on the chemo.   Of course 30 minutes doesn’t equal 30 minutes, we have to wait to get the chemo drip from the pharmacy and that can take some time.  It does give me time to get my blog post done and maybe even a little reading.


5 thoughts on “Chemo Day!

  1. Hooray for your counts, that’s such great news. So happy you’ve gotten to this point and everything seems to be in order! Sorry to hear about your back, hope that’s just a little soreness from the fall. Have a great week, hope you get to eat something delicious after the chemo 🙂

  2. Glad the Lauras were reunited for a fun visit! And yahoo for today’s once-a-month treatment — so happy to see those numbers!!!

  3. Your graphics are so cute/funny, and I so relate to this one when I have to spend time in a waiting room! Glad to see the great numbers. We continue to pray for you and thank God that all is going so well!!! 🙂

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