Taxes are fun

We are not doing our own taxes, my brother-in-law Kevin is an accountant so he gets to have most of the fun.  This morning I did get the joy of figuring out how much we’ve spent in medical bills this past year.  I am a pretty organized person and had been keeping a spreadsheet of most of the payments we made last year, but I still went through several semi-organized folders of bills and statements.  Then there’s all of the prescription receipts.  Ahhh!!

Thankfully, our insurance website has a list of every amount that was the “member responsibility” and what our portion was of every prescription filled in 2010.

We can also claim $.16/mile for trips to and from the doctor.  So I figured I’ve made approximately 98 trips back and forth to Cox South in 2010.  That’s an average of one trip every 3.7 days.  They should let me claim $.16/ every minute I’ve had to wait in a waiting room!


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