Relay for Life

I am participating in Relay for Life with my family in Festus on May 6th.   Have you ever been?  It’s really an emotional experience, especially when they turn off all the lights on the track and you do quiet laps in the dark, with only the lights in these bags lighting the way.  They are called Luminarias and they can be done “In Honor Of” and “In Memory Of”.

We need to each raise $100 and I am asking for your help.  A white bag can be purchased for $5 and a gold bag for $20.  All you need to do is visit my page:  Click Here for Laura’s Relay Page to donate online.  If you’d rather not donate online, you can pay in cash or make a check payable to:  American Cancer Society; both of which can be mailed to me.  If you donate and would like a luminaria (of course you can always just donate too) send me an email and let me know what you would like on it.  Or if you need my mailing address, send me an email too.

My email address is:

They would like to have as much money as possible by the first bank night, which is April 4th.  Less than 2 weeks. Please help support me support the American Cancer Society!


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