Something Store

Last month John had sent me a news article with some cool start-up companies.  This one caught my eye…

Something Store - Suprise and Delight!

The Something Store is a site where for $10 (plus free shipping) you can purchase a surprise!   It can be anything from a scarf to a big screen TV!  I had some PayPal money burning a whole in my cyber pocket so I decided to take a gamble.  It took a couple weeks, but once I got my package this is what is inside:

Some cute little earrings, something I would have picked out, and that I wore to mass yesterday.


One thought on “Something Store

  1. Very cool! I may have to try. I like the list of something it won’t be. lol At least the beginning of it. I hope I don’t get something like a Bulgarian Lap Loom like someone in California did… Unless I can sell it for good $. 🙂 I like the earrings though!

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