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I guess I’m in a blogging mood because you lucky people get two blog posts in one day…. or maybe I’m just trying to get more traffic.  The post about De Soto from last week got 66 hits that day, not too bad… except that about a year ago on March 11, I had 812 hits in one day. You can see the progression of my blog traffic in the image below.

I guess maybe people were just curious at first, or maybe once they knew I wasn’t going to kick the bucket right away they weren’t interested in the details.  But I know that I do have some loyal readers so I continue to write, even though sometimes I struggle with content.  My treatments are pretty spread out so I don’t have much to talk about there and that is supposed to be the purpose of the blog.  So now my goal is to do a blog post a week, not as ambitious as my sister-in-law Amy who is trying to do a blog post a day for the whole year.  Saturday I did a guest post on her site: I’d love to have some guest blog posts here too if any of you would like to oblige.

So to help with my ego and blog traffic, if you’re on Facebook you can follow my blog on Networked Blogs: You can even rate it (hint, hint).  As of right now when you search for leukemia I’m 3rd most popular (by followers) and under cancer I’m more like #35.

If you haven’t signed up for email alerts, look under the calendar on the right hand side .  You can sign up for an email subscription, which is just as it sounds, it sends you an email everytime there’s a new post.

Ok, enough pushing of the blog, besides, you’re already here reading this.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Blog Traffic

  1. I always love reading your posts, Laura. Writing regularly is difficult, but you always do so in a creative way that makes the reader feel like they are “there” as they read. Keep writing and posting…..don’t squander your talent! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks Winnie! When I was thinking of loyal readers, you were one I had in mind 🙂 I love your comments too, thanks!

  2. I still read your blog! 🙂 Although, I gave up facebook for Lent, so the reminders that you’ve posted something are no longer available to me…I’ll have to be good about remembering myself!

    Hope you’re having a great week and congrats to being #3 on facebook! Quite impressive 🙂

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