De Soto Trip

This past week was my cousin Brian’s son’s 1st birthday and he had his birthday party on Sunday.  Brian is like a brother to me, so of course I had to go home.  John had to work on Saturday so I decided to pack up and head to De Soto early for an extended visit.  Ryan and I had a very busy, but great, trip home.

We got into town around 11AM on Wednesday.  We didn’t do much that day and I went to Ash Wednesday mass with my Dad that night.  Thursday afternoon Ryan and I went over to Sara’s house for lunch and to hang out for the afternoon.  Elisha and Takara came over too and Sara’s youngest kids Sophie and Chase kept Ryan busy.

Thursday evening I had dinner with Mom & Dad and then  headed over to my cousin Tracy’s house.  My family is doing Relay for Life again this year so Tracy and I went to a meeting for that together.  I hung out with her and Lee for a while before going over to Brian’s house for a bit.  I got a guitar for Christmas, but haven’t learned much so far.  Brian is very talented and taught me a few things, enough so we could jam together and stay up too late!

Friday afternoon my nieces had an early out from school so I picked them up at noon and we went to lunch, then to the mall.  That night my sister Pam and I went to a movie, Hall Pass, at the old Festus Eight Cinema.  I worked there for about 5 years, from the time I was 16 and then every summer until I stayed in Springfield so that brought back a lot of memories.  After the movie we hit a couple bars in De Soto for karaoke.  I had a good time, but was really tired and was fighting a headache all day.

Saturday I spent the day at the house and then that evening went to Tracy and Lee’s for dinner.  Later in the night my cousins Andy & TJ and Richie came over and we sat around talking and laughing.  We busted out Guitar Hero and I showed off my mad skills, beating two songs on expert.  For the past few years I haven’t really got to see see them much so it was great to be able to catch up.

Sunday was they day of the birthday party and as big family outings usually go, the two hours flew by.  I didn’t get to talk to Brian or Jenn much or even get to hold Tyson, but it was good to see the family.  Tyson is adorable and made quite the haul on the birthday gifts.  Happy, Happy Baby Tyson!

Since the party lasted until 4 on Sunday and we lost an hour with the time change, we decided to stay Sunday night too.  After Ryan went to sleep I went to my sisters house to visit with her and my nieces once last time.  We stayed a lot of the day on Monday too, trying to time our getting home with John getting home from work.  I really missed John.

I’m sure my Mom is exhausted from our visit, she kept Ryan most evenings so I was able to run around and see family.  Plus, even when I’m there he wants her to do everything for him.  “No Mommy!  Maw-Maw do it!”  Even with all that time home, I feel like I didn’t even get to see my parents much, good thing they are coming to Branson this weekend 🙂

This morning I had a doctors appointment as I do every Tuesday morning.  My labs looked great and I got the OK to take my 14 chemo pills for the day.  I went to Wal-Mart to pick up prescriptions and groceries.  I realized it had been a while since I’ve done the grocery shopping there, I usually pick up stuff at the Price Cutter that’s closer to our house.  I had a car full of stuff to carry in, but at least we’re set for a while.  I did some laundry and other odd jobs… go through mail, order other prescriptions, balance the checkbook… so today has been a really busy day as well.

Ryan is spending the night with John’s parents tonight so that means I’ll get to sleep in tomorrow!  Hopefully I can be a bum and relax all day and catch up on my rest from our big trip home.  If I didn’t get a chance to see you, or even if I did, we have a spare bedroom and I have a pretty open schedule…


2 thoughts on “De Soto Trip

  1. It was great getting to see you & Ryan! That’s cool about learning to play the guitar, I tried when I was younger – it hurt my fingers. 🙂 In a little over a month I’ll be visiting you in Springfield! Can’t wait!!

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