Maintenance Round 2: Day 30

Day 29 of my maintenance regimen usually consists of IV chemo and a spinal tap (lumbar puncture/ LP) but this week was a little off because they couldn’t schedule the LP until day 30.  Tuesday I went into outpatient for IV Vincristine, which went well.  Yesterday morning Maureen went with me for the LP.  We got there at 9AM to go through admissions and then back to radiology to get me prepped to go in for the procedure.  I’ve said before that my premeds (versed and morphine) don’t really work on me like they should since I’ve had so much and this time in particular, I remembered a lot of the LP.  Not that it’s bad and who knows what I normally say when I don’t remember it all, but I do remember watching the x-ray screen (so basically the needle in my spine) and asking the doctor to see the needle after wards.  I’ve done that before, I guess I’m just curious.  I was also curious as to the number of LP’s I’ve had.  I was guessing around 10, but knew I’d lost count somewhere along the way.  The nurse looked it up in my records and the grand total… 15!  Although I’m still a little unsure as to whether yesterday made 15 or 16.

I was home by 1 or so yesterday, it all went smoothly and I spent the rest of the day on the couch.  Ryan spent the night with Jim & Maureen last night so that is especially helpful on days when I need to take it super easy and not even lift him up.  That also means I can sleep in as late as I want!  I usually get up when John does and get Ryan dressed and ready for the day and we get a few minutes together in the morning.  However, I woke up around 5:30 to use the little girls room and I guess I sat up too quick because I got a pretty bad headache (the amount of fluid in your spinal cord and brain is a little off, so laying flat helps…).  My sweet husband got up to get my pills and a glass of apple juice for me.  Once those started working I was able to go back to sleep for a couple more hours.  I’m still feeling pretty off though, bit of a headache and achy back.

I will try to blog again soon, but for now, back to laying flat.  🙂


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