Maintenance Round 2; Day 8

Yesterday was day 8/84 of the second round of maintenance.  On day 1 I am supposed to have a lumbar puncture, but since I was unprepared last week with the snow , it happened yesterday.   According to my treatment plan, I get IV chemo on the same day as the LP so they usually admit me to the hospital and get me a room on 5W even though I get to go home after I recover.   I usually have to wait hours for a room to be ready on 5.  I already had the chemo last week and only needed the LP so I worked with the nurses in Dr. Ellis’ office to be able to check-in and go directly to radiology instead.  That saved at least a couple hours, which I’m sure Maureen appreciated since she so patiently came and waited with me.

The procedure went fine and I was home by 1:30.  I lounged on the couch and then napped that afternoon until John & Ryan came home, pizza in hand.  The worse I’ve felt throughout all of this was in the spring, after one of these lumbar punctures, when I got the dreaded “spinal headache”.  It lasted for days, weeks even, where I would get a mind-splitting headache any time I sat up.  I’ve since learned that I really do need to take it easy after these and make it a point to do so.  So on today’s agenda:  nada.  John took my car again today since we’re getting even more snow so I’m stuck here anyway.

Speaking of snow, John & Ryan had a good time playing outside over the weekend.  I got a few good pics of the winter fun.


2 thoughts on “Maintenance Round 2; Day 8

  1. Glad you are taking it easy! Sounds like a good day to lay on the couch downstairs and bring a space heater up close and a blanket. And some popcorn!

  2. Love your pics! I too am glad you have learned the “prevention strategy” to avoid those headaches. Always enjoy your posts and so thankful all is going well for you! 🙂

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