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It seems like my posts have been pretty boring lately, at least in my opinion, so this is a non-health related blog post.  If you remember my list of things I am thankful for, I had mentioned Google Reader as it helps me keep up to date on blogs I like to follow.  I’ve had a couple people link to my blog in the past couple days and I wanted to return the favor and share some of my other favorite reads.

My sister-in-law Amy’s blog.  Lots of posts about food and photography, two things I love:

My cousin Drew’s blog about music.  I told him a couple days ago he should write for a magazine, he’s a talented writer on a subject he’s clearly passionate about:

My cousin Drew’s friend who I’ve never met, but always blogs with a passion, mostly about food…

I have lots of other friends who have blogs, but rarely blog anymore!  You know who you are, step it up!

This is a “Mommy-Blogger” who cracks me up.  My friend Stacy turned me on to her several years ago and I’ve been following her every since.

Anne Taintor, really funny pictures and products:

John has taken my car to work for the past couple days because it has 4 wheel drive.  His truck is a stick and I still don’t know how to drive it, so that means I’m stuck at home.  Which is really no different than any other Thursday as I really only leave the house when forced to.  I can’t wait for spring!


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