Chemo during the Blizzard

This morning I had an appointment with Dr. Ellis at 8:15 and I was worried about making to and from the appointment.  The way there was not bad, the roads were not cleared but they were not slick.  I wasn’t really sure what the plan for today was, but the first thing he said to me was “I already have your orders ready to start Day 1 of your second round of Maintenance!”  That means IV chemo and a lumbar puncture, which I need  ride home from, which I didn’t have lined up and wasn’t going to ask anyone to come get me with a foot of snow on the way.  I told him I could start back on all my pills (2 daily chemo pills, steroids and 14 other chemo pills today), do the IV chemo in outpatient, but would do the LP next Tuesday.  I headed down to outpatient and was the only one in there, in fact by the time I left at 10:30 AM I was the only patient there.  Unbelievable!  The sleet had changed over to heavy snow while I was there and by the time I left there was probably5 or 6″ and much more treacherous, but I made it home safely.  John left work a couple hours early, which I was very grateful for since I was worried about him getting home.  My hard-working man got home and immediately started shoveling the driveway.  I told him it was time to take a break and when he still hadn’t come in, I went back out to check on him and was helping the neighbors push a car up the hill. 

Ryan was at John’s parents house today, he spent the night there last night and it looks like he’s going to spend the night again tonight.  Poor little buddy got sick a few times this morning, sounds like his stomach was just upset from sinus drainage.  He was feeling better this afternoon and they went out to play in the snow for a few minutes on the his new sled, I guess he was still a little scared.

This past weekend my parents came to visit.  Hard to believe with all of the snow on the ground, but it was 60 degrees and beautiful.  We went to the Rutledge-Wilson farm, or as Ryan calls it “animal park”, for a while in the afternoon.  It was a really quick visit, but a nice one as we had not seen them since Christmas.

I am prepared and happy not to leave the house for as long as possible.  To all of you that have to venture out, be safe!


4 thoughts on “Chemo during the Blizzard

  1. We are glad you are both home safe. I hope Ryan is just getting up some of the conjestion. I liked the picture of the “animal farm” We had a good visit and we are looking forward to you coming for your birthday. Stay safe and cozy. All our Love.

  2. Great pics. Crazy that there can be such extremes in the weather in such a short time! Stay in, rest, stay safe, and stay warm!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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