Bone Marrow Results: Good!

On Monday morning I had to meet with a rheumatologist since I complain about joint pain to Dr. Ellis.  I have had this appointment since November and have figured out since then that my joints only hurt when I abruptly stop taking the steroids (as per my treatment schedule).  I hurt for a couple days and it’s done.  He agreed that was probably what was going on, but did an x-ray of my back since it always seems to be achy.  Of course that turned out fine.  This doctor was looking up some of the tests they have done on me so I told him I was waiting on some test results and jokingly asked if he could tell me the results.  He said sure and let me know that the bone marrow biopsy came back negative.  yea!   Then I asked about the nose swab they did to check for a respiratory virus, that too came back negative.  The infectious disease doctor I had met with was hoping that test would come back positive, as that would explain the other small nodules that showed up on my chest CT.  I called my doctor’s office telling them I needed a follow up appointment and that I’d like my test results (since they are the ones who should have told me anyway).  No one called me back.  I called again on Wednesday and found out I have an appointment next Tuesday.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone a whole week without at least having to get labs, so this seems like a strange week to start.

I have been sleeping in, taking naps and laying on the couch reading My Life by Bill Clinton during the day.  I have been feeling pretty anti-social the past week or so, although I did make an exception on Tuesday for my good friend Kayti’s birthday.  Saturday Mom & Dad are coming down for the night.  We are not telling Ryan because I think it will be fun to see his face when they show up at the front door.  🙂

Big Boy Bed Update:  I have been laying on his floor every night until he falls asleep.  Sometimes it takes an hour and sometimes it takes 5 minutes.  Last night he woke up several times in the night;  John and I usually take turns going in there with him.  Again, sometimes you tuck him in and he’s already back asleep or there’s nights like last night where you lay there for 20 minutes and you think he’s asleep but when you get up he freaks out.  I think it was 5AM when I just told him to get in bed with us.  I know I need to stop staying in there with him as he’s trying to go to sleep, but I haven’t been feeling great and it’s just easier.   I don’t feel like a fight and I know it will be, so for right now I’m just going with the flow.


5 thoughts on “Bone Marrow Results: Good!

  1. Thank you Lord for good test results! Sorry Ryan is having such a hard time with his big boy bed. My little granddaughter was so anxious to get into hers she wouldn’t wait for mommy to finish putting it together….yet she’s terrified of toys that make noise! Go figure! Hang in there…it will get easier! 🙂

  2. Laura,

    It was so wonderful to hear from you today. I told my students that I hadn’t heard from you in a while; they were all like “oh” (sad-like) and they continue to pray for you.

    You do what ever you need with little Ryan. Every kid is different…there are not pat rules.

    Love you as always. Leslie and Marv

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