M1: D57

Yesterday was day 57 of my first round of
maintenance. I went to Dr. Ellis’ office at 9:15 for labs and
a nurse evaluation before going down to outpatient for chemo.
I waited for over an hour to even meet with a nurse. Dr.
Ellis was rounding at the hospital so they faxed over my orders for
his approval before heading down. My platelets were
kind of low, but the other counts weren’t too bad. WBC: 3.5
Hbg: 11.8 Platelets: 75 I went down to outpatient and
got vincristine, a chemo that takes about a half an hour to run
through. The IV went in just fine, no new bruising, just the
old, huge bruise that will probably be around until my
birthday. Yesterday I also started taking the super steroids
that I will take until Christmas day and it was my day to take the
14 methotrexate pills. It’s so weird… When I was going into the
office everyday for chemo or something else, it didn’t seem like a
big deal, just something I had to do. Now that I only get
chemo once a month, it feels like a bigger ordeal. I feel
pretty good though. As much as I hate taking the steroids, I
woke up not aching this morning, which was so, so nice. The
trade-off for that is going to be feeling terrible (joint aches)
for a couple days after stopping them. Oh well, it is what it
is. Ryan had a touch of the flu on Friday night and was up a lot of
the night getting sick. I stayed on his floor until around
12:30 and then John slept on his floor the rest of the night.
Thankfully, he woke up Saturday feeling better. He has also been
doing awesome with potty training this week. He has told us
when he needs to go and has woke up dry a couple days in a
row now 🙂 John’s brother and his family got into town on Saturday
so we’ve been spending a lot of time with them! Saturday
evening we went over to John’s parents for dinner, we went over
Sunday for brunch and then again for dinner on Monday night.
Love spending time with them! John’s parents are going to go
with me to Ryan’s school Christmas party this afternoon.
Other exciting events for the day… I’m going to get my hair
cut! I sent a message to the girl who used to do my hair and
asked her what I should do… the sides and back are driving me
crazy, but I want to grow it out. She said I should for sure
get those areas cut and continue to grow it out on top, so at noon
today I am getting it cut! This will probably be my last blog post
until after the holidays. We are headed to DeSoto tomorrow
night after John gets off work and hopefully the weather stays clear. Mom said they are expecting some freezing rain
turning into snow on Christmas Eve. The back roads we take to
their house are terrible so if it gets bad, I guess we’ll go up to
the city and come down on the major roads. We will come back
home pretty early on Christmas Day and see what Santa brought
Ryan!! Then we are doing Christmas with John’s family on the
26th. Happy Holidays! Be thankful and appreciate the time you
will get to spend with your loved ones, I know I will.


4 thoughts on “M1: D57

  1. Hey Laura,

    Thank you so much for the Christmas card and beautiful picture. I’ll try to get cards out over my break. (it makes marvin so mad)

    Your tree is gorgeous and the lens you used is awesome. I love that I could control the direction of the snow flakes with my mouse. 🙂

    You three be safe traveling and have a Blessed Christmas. Love you all.

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