Branson & Things

Last Thursday the Hickman came out!!  Maureen (mother-in-law) came with me and kept me company.  The procedure itself only took a few minutes and I remember most of it.  Thankfully, I don’t remember any of actual removal of it.  I will have a couple little scars and I’m still bruised, but very thankful to have it gone!  Today the home health people will come to do one last visit and then I can cross one more weekly appointment off my list!

Friday around noon Sara and Takara got into town.  We had lunch in Springfield then headed down to Branson.  We did a little shopping at the outlet mall.  While she may not find it funny (yet), we laughed about Takara’s wallet that wouldn’t open which resulted in her having to cut it open with scissors.  And the coupon ordeal 🙂  We found a hotel room for the night then headed down to the Branson landing.  We had a late dinner then headed back to the room.  I think I laughed more in that amount of time than I have in the past month.  It was so nice to have some girl time with a couple of my best friends.  Sara had to work on Saturday night so she headed back early that day, but Takara stayed because she was heading back down to Branson with her husband and in-laws later that night.  That afternoon we saw Love & Other Drugs, then played with Ryan for a bit before I took her to meet her family.

Sunday morning we went with John’s parents and Shannon to Breakfast with Santa at Immaculate Conception (not our church, but where John’s mom used to teach).  Ryan got his picture with Santa, he sat on his lap no problem, but didn’t smile for the picture. (which I’ll post once we get it back).  After breakfast John & I took Ryan to Target and Toys R Us to look at some toys he may want Santa to bring to him.   This year is going to be a lot of fun, he sort of gets the whole concept and gets really excited about Santa.   He was not excited to leave Toys R Us, it was a disaster really… crawling on the floor, crying and basically just acting like a tired 2 year old.  He cried all the way home.  We were stopped at a stoplight and there was a bigger man with a white beard in the car next to us.  Ryan looked over, stopped crying and asked “Is that Santa?”  John & I laughed and said no.  Ryan started crying again.

Yesterday I had another appointment with Dr. Ellis.  Nothing too eventful, just mapped out more of my treatment plan.  Next Tuesday I get another spinal tap, this is a “make-up” one (we had to skip one from when my counts were so crappy).  My next one won’t be until January 18th.  The treatment rounds are 84 days long and there is a lumbar puncture on days 1 and 29 for the first 4 rounds (basically the first year of maintenance).  That same 84 day round just repeats and repeats for 2 years.  Men have to do maintenance for 3 years, so I guess that’s that’s something else to be thankful for.  My counts have been pretty good for the past month or so, but yesterday they were lower again.

WBC:  3.3

Hgb:  10.9

Platelets:  77

He said it’s to be expected since I am still getting chemo.  The chemo pills I take everyday eventually start dragging them down and the stronger ones I take on Tuesdays will make them dip as well.  He said over time we’ll see a pattern of them going up and down a little.


2 thoughts on “Branson & Things

  1. So glad you had some fun this weekend- you deserve it!! And a double thumbs-up to the removal the Hickman—GOOD RIDDANCE! Love ya!!

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