Hickman, Out!

This week I’ve had to go into the doctors office much more than I expected to.  I had an appointment Tuesday morning, which was just labs and a nurse evaluation, mainly to look at the Hickman site to see if it still looks infected.   As I mentioned in my last post, they changed the dressing and it looked a LOT better, but they did a culture and as it turns out, it is infected.  So they changed my antibiotic again.  I also told them at my nurse eval that I thought I was supposed to have vincristine (IV chemo) on the same day I had the LP last week, but I never got it.

This morning I got a call from the office that they wanted me to come in to have Dr. Ellis look at the Hickman and also to make up the missed chemo at outpatient.  They snuck me in to see him, which they should do every time because it was much less waiting on my part.  He said he wants the Hickman out, he wanted it out today but I told him I wasn’t going to do it without drugs.  He said it wasn’t a big deal, that he could pull it out right then, they literally just pull it out.  No. Way.  So tomorrow morning at 7:30 I will need to be at hospital for this outpatient procedure.  Right now I’m finishing up my chemo in outpatient.  From now on, this IV chemo I get once a month will actually have to be given through an IV.

I am so, so excited for Friday.  My friends Sara and Takara are coming down for a girls night!  We are going to stay the night down in Branson and do a little Christmas shopping at the outlet malls.  I really need a little get away and just can’t wait to spend some quality time with a couple of my best friends.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Hickman, Out!

  1. Good for you sticking to your guns on the “not without drugs” thing. OUCH!!!!! Prayers for a safe, painless, and generally uneventful removal… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Yeah! Glad your burden is coming out. It will be nice to shower or bathe without having to cover it or worry about it. They literally do just pull it out, like an IV only a longer catheter. Seems freaky, but it’s easy. You’ll do fine! So happy for you!

    • Well, with local anesthesia of course! I begged them for sedation when my portacath got infected and they wouldn’t do it for me. Turned out they had to because my catheter had grown into my collar bone and they had to do surgery, but your Hickman shouldn’t do that. I had my first port for 7 years! You’re such a sport I know it will be a piece of cake!

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