It feels like it’s been a while since I blogged, but things have been pretty hectic recently.  Last Tuesday I had a spinal tap, so John’s Mom Maureen picked me up a little before 8 and we headed over to the doctors office.  I was a little concerned because, I thought, my Hickman was beginning to look a little infected.  Not so much red, as it was green and gross looking.  The RN’s at Dr. Ellis’ office did not want to mess with it since it’s not their job to change the dressing, I have people that come over to the house once a week to do that.  I told them I wanted Dr. Ellis to look at it, but he was rounding over at the hospital.  They told me to go ahead and head over there and he’d look at it before I went down for the spinal tap.  Maureen and I waited in the “library” on the 5th floor while I waited for a room to be ready.  It was 11 when they got me in a room and as soon as I was there, they were ready to take me down to radiology.  I waited out on the stretcher in the hallway for a few minutes while we tried to track my dr. down, but he was checking out some other patients.  The PA Rick looked at it, then they sent me down.  The spinal tap went smoothly, I went back up to the room for a little over an hour for my recovery time then Maureen took me home.  They gave me an antibiotic for the Hickman and told me to come back to the office on Friday to have someone look at it again.  As of right now, it’s scheduled to go out for good on December 28th.

Wednesday night Mom & Dad got into town for Thanksgiving.  We tried to go out for some Chinese food, but Ryan was not cooperating very well.  John and Ryan had met us there after work, but it ended up that John took him home while we finished eating.  It’s a challenge to go out to eat with Ryan these days, to say the least.

Thanksgiving morning we made the turkey, stuffing and gravy at our house then a little after noon we all headed over to John’s parents house to join them and Shannon & Kevin for a big feast.  We had a really wonderful meal, everything was so good and it was very nice to have everyone together.  Chris and Cindy stopped by for dessert, it had been way too long since we’d seen them!  We spent all afternoon relaxing at their house, but I was very ready to go home and rest for the rest of the evening.

Dad got up at 4AM to do some Black Friday shopping.  John had to work, but he got up early with Dad and hit a few stores before he had to go in.  I went to my doctor’s appointment at 10 and they told me that they wanted me on a stronger antibiotic since it didn’t look like the area around my Hickman was clearing up at all.  That afternoon they came over to change my dressing, which I was very nervous about since I thought it would hurt or make it worse.  Turns out, they didn’t think it was infected at all.  Once they took the dressing off and cleaned around it, it looked fine.  They took a culture just to double check and I will still continue to take the antibiotic until I go back in again on Tuesday.

Yesterday afternoon we also put up the Christmas tree and other decorations.  Ryan helped hang some ornaments and did a pretty good job!  He loves looking at the lights.  I am happy to have all of that done and had Mom & Dad here to help get stuff down from the attic and get it all set up.  Now, I just need them back down here when I need to put it all away. 🙂

Mom and Dad left a little after 10 this morning to head back home.  As always, it was a really good visit.  I didn’t take any pictures the whole time they were here, that’s kind of hard to believe.  John took Ryan over to his parents house for a little bit this afternoon which gave me a chance to get a nap in, do a little laundry and watch the MIZZOU game.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. It had seemed like a long time since you blogged to me too! I’m glad you had a good holiday! I’m getting pretty excited for next weekend!

  2. Hey Laura, so glad you got to cook for Thanksgiving. Isn’t that just wonderful feeling cooking for others?

    keep up the spirits, girly-girl, We’re praying for you and love you and yours.

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