My Weekend with Stacy

Ryan had been sick this past week, on Thursday John had to leave early and take him to urgent care because he had a fever of 102.8.  Turns out he had “the croup”.  Poor little buddy.  John’s parents kept Ryan on Saturday night which gave me some time to visit with my first friend I made in college.  I met her in the laundry room of our dorm our first week of college.  On the walk down I spilled bleach on my jeans and was really angry (why I had bleach, I don’t really know) so I just started venting to these two girls.  Turns out those two girls were Jamie and Stacy.  Stacy sewed a star patch over my bleach-stained jeans and we’ve been friends ever since.

Stacy now lives him Norfolk, VA, and although Delta robbed us of several hours through a change in her travel plans, this past weekend was a ton of fun.  I was supposed to pick her up from the airport on Saturday at 11:45 AM, but her flight was changed so that she would have missed her connecting flight, so instead she had to fly into KC.  She got there at 2:30 and her Dad drove her down. (thanks Marvin!) Saturday night we went to Fedora for fondue, then drove around campus and I showed her some of the other things in Springfield that had changed when she was here last right after Ryan was born.  We revisited the coffee shop we used to frequent in college, The Magic Bean.  Sunday we spent the day playing with Ryan and catching up then that night we saw the movie Catfish, which was really weird and a little disturbing.  Monday was spent with the little man, we went to the pet store to look at puppies then to Incredible Pizza for lunch.  I really appreciate her coming half way across the country to visit and had a wonderful catching up and laughing about all of our old antics.

That sign reads “Children are not permitted on the fence”. 🙂

This morning I had to be at the doctor’s office at 9:45 for labs.  My counts are really good, the only count that was outside of the normal range was my Hgb which around 10, whereas normal is 12.  It was a standard visit where I meet with the RN to review my results, but it’s frustrating because it takes an hour and all of that could be done in 10 minutes.  I went to the grocery store first thing this morning and got that out of the way, then after the appointment I went to the DMV to get my handicapped tags renewed.  I’m making a pork roast this afternoon and doing laundry.  Exciting things to blog about, I know.

The rest of this week should be really laid back and next week I go in on Tuesday to get another LP (spinal tap) and chemo.  I start the steroids again too, which means I’ll probably want the whole Thanksgiving turkey to myself.  They did talk about when I will get the hickman out and the tentative date is Dec. 28th.  I wanted to wait until I had my two LPs out the way so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting IVs with those and the nurse thought I should wait until after Christmas since it would probably make me really sore to have it taken out.  Regardless, I’m excited & will consider that a late Christmas present to myself.



5 thoughts on “My Weekend with Stacy

  1. Glad you got to enjoy a fun visit….pics are awesome as usual! I know you are looking forward to getting the Hickman out, and agree it will be an awesome “belated Christmas gift” to have that done. We continue to keep you in our prayers!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi I’m a old friend of your Mom. My name is Lillie and I am so touched by reading your blog. I’m so glad things are going good for you. Getting the hickman out will be a big relief. I also want to apologize that I didn’t make it to your Benefit in DeSoto. My Granddaughter has been diagnois with Hodgkins Lymphomia. She had a biospy of her bone marrow and it came out Good. Now we are waiting for the results of the biospy of the tumor. You have no ideal what I have learned from you and I want to thank you for that. Your son is a doll. Your such a brave person. thank you for letting me be a part of your live. Best wishes Lillie Christian

  3. I miss the Majic Bean! Hadn’t thought about it for over 10 years, thanks for the memory! Also saw you’ve enjoyed The Cup, I used to work at the location in St. Louis and may I suggest the pumpkin harvest as a pick me up next time you’re in the mood. Delicious! I’ve enjoyed getting your blog updates and feel like a part of your struggles and triumphs. I’m so happy for your Hickman coming out. I have a port, but I wouldn’t get rid of it for anything! I feel as though we are ‘sisters’ in relation to your ‘journey’, though you may not call it that, but your strength, sense of humor and appreciation of the little things is inspiring, even for those who may be going through or have been through similar circumstances. You are a wonder woman and have a super man for a husband and I wish your family the best!

  4. Laura, girl, Thanks for the beautiful picture of Stacy and Ryan. Laughed loudly after reading “keep children off fence.” Marvin was so happy to drive Miss Stacy down to see you. What a gift to both of you. I sure wish she and Justin lived closer.

  5. P.S. I remember Stacy telling the story of the “girl in the laundry room.” How awesome that you guys have stuck together. When you are grandmas, you will have so many stories to share. Now THAT’S a book I’d like to read.

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