Week in Review

Monday was a really long day.  I had been aching so bad and was out of pain pills.  I called first thing Monday morning requesting a refill and when John and Ryan stopped on their way home to get them, it had not been called in.  That night I felt sort of feverish and had a temperature of 99.7.  I usually run around 97 something so that is kind of high for me.   I was starting to wonder if I was getting the flu or something.

Tuesday morning I went to the doctor to get labs.  Turns out the reason I was hurting so bad was that my white count had skyrocketed.  It was 10 something.  I guess my body decided to start working, which is for sure a good thing, but hurts like hell.  They did refill my pain pills so I got some relief that afternoon.  Tuesday was also supposed to be the day I take the other chemo pill.  I looked at the bottled and it instructed me to take 14 pills.  I thought that could not be right so I decided to wait and ask before I put all of that in my body.  When I talked to the office on Wednesday, they told me that was right. I took 14 pills Wednesday afternoon and for a couple hours thought I was going to puke every time I stood up.  My total pill count that day as 31.5.   Once a week I’ll have to take that many pills.  Insane.

We had a special treat this week as John’s grandparents came up from Memphis to visit.  Monday night we went over to John’s parents house and then Tuesday evening they came over to ours.  We were going to go over there last night, but Ryan was just so tired and acting like a two year old so I stayed home and put him to bed early while John went over to his parents house to see them before they left this morning.  It was great to see them, they are so sweet.

I’ve been spending my afternoons on the couch with a heating pad and a book.   In the past week I have finished the next 3 books for my book club. I read Handle with Care, The Day the World Came to Town, and Bliss, Remembered. All of them are books I probably would not have picked out on my own, but were quite good.   The Day the World Came to Town is about a town in Canada, population less than 10,000, that on 9/11 had to host as many people when the US Airspace closed and planes were forced to land.  It follows several of the people on the flights and how the town came together to help everyone.  It was a quick read (I finished it in one day) and out of those three, I would recommend that one.  I also finished Me Talk Pretty One Day which I had been working on here and there.  I will now pick up The Alchemist again.  Stacy got me this one and I started it, but got distracted by the others.



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