Happy Happy-Ween

As I mentioned in my last post, my Mom came down to stay with us this past week.  All in all, the week was pretty laid back.  John and I got to go out to dinner one night, the other nights were spent playing with Ryan then watching scary ghost shows after he went to bed.

The weekend was really busy with all of the Halloween festivities.  Friday afternoon Ryan had his Halloween party at the Prime Learning Center so Mom & I headed up there to check out Ryan in his school environment.  Twelve two-year old kiddos in one room.  Ahhh!   It was super cute though with all of them dressed up, then we trick-or-treated around the building.  Ryan was a little monkey.

That evening we went to Truck-or-Treat at our church and Aunt Shannon joined us.  It was crazy!  They said there were between 800-1,000 people there and I would believe it!  Ryan was getting a little antsy but we made it through and loaded up on the candy!

Saturday morning Dad came down and it was also the day of the great pumpkin harvest.  John had planted three pumpkin seeds a couple months ago and a giant pumpkin vine overtook our yard.  Ryan sort of helped with the harvest and the sad part is, we never even got around to carving one!

Last night we went to a few houses in our neighborhood then went to visit Aunt Shannon and Uncle Kevin and Chris and Cindy.  We had candy to hand out, but only had a few trick-or-treaters come by while we were home so we are left with two giant bowls of candy, which I don’t think will bode too well for my waistline.

I did a little video last night, which may be a tad long, but I wanted to share my cute little monkey regardless. 🙂

Tomorrow morning I go to the doctor just for labs to see what my counts are.  I’ve finished my first round of steroids, which I just hate.  The insomnia isn’t as bad as it was when I first came home from the hospital, but I can tell they are in my system.  I feel puffy and hungry and I grind my teeth in my sleep which gives me a headache.  My back has really, really been bothering me the past couple days.  I just can’t get comfortable.  I don’t know if I actually did something to it picking up Ryan or if it’s just the achiness that never really seems to leave me.  I am complaining, but was honestly thinking that with things starting to settle down, I feel like I should be starting to feel better.  Although now that I think about it, I did have a spinal tap and chemo less than a week ago…  Guess I should be a little more patient…


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