Come Together

Pretty soon after I was diagnosed, my cousin Richie called me and asked what I thought about having a benefit.  At first I was unsure, you want me to ask my friends and family for money?  I kept thinking “I’m too proud to get help in that way”… Until I got the  bill from my first hospital stay.  Then I promptly called him back and said “yep, go for it!”.  So my family and friends have been meeting and planning for months to put this benefit on for us.

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I am so excited to go home to see everyone so if you’re around DeSoto on Saturday, please come out!  There are events all day  long, see the flyer below for all the details.  There’s something for everyone!  There are tons of silent auction baskets and you can view the whole list here.  Everyone has put in a lot of time and hard working into planning this, we are very lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Hope to see you all there!


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