Delayed Maintenance

This morning I had to be at the office at 8:15 for labs then the plan was to start maintenance – an LP, IV chemo and start my chemo pills and steroids.  I waited to take my pills this morning to be sure we were going to start and it turns out that it’s a good thing I did because my white count was 1.5, too low to start.  Dr. Ellis was rounding at the hospital so he wasn’t in the office and I was meeting with the RN who has zero personality (and those stupid coil shoes).  When she said it was a no-go she told me he wanted to see me after 1:30 on Friday…. I was clearly not happy with this news and told her I had already talked to him about this, that I’m going out of town this weekend and I wanted to know what his plans were on Friday.  If I was going to be meeting with him so late was he still planning on doing the spinal tap (LP) on Friday or what?  She just kind of blew me off.  So while I was checking out I stopped one of the RN’s that I like and cried to her about the situation.  She told me to keep my plans of going home this weekend and she would send him a message, that she was sure he just forgot about my going out of town and she’d call me later.  Thank God for her instead of the other nurse who doesn’t give a crap.  I still haven’t heard back from her so I’m not 100% sure I’ll get to delay it to next week and get to come home this weekend, but I will keep everyone updated.   So.  Frustrating.

This past weekend was very eventful.  John had to work on Saturday so that morning Shannon came over to help me and play with Ryan.  My college roommate Karen came in town from Nashville on Saturday afternoon.  Her and Dustin came over in the afternoon and we  hit a couple stores to get our supplies for our Halloween costume.  That night KG and I went out for some sushi then back to my house to work on my costume.   Sunday we met up with Dustin and a couple of Karen’s friends for lunch then I went back home to hang out with my boys.

Sunday evening our friends Jeff & Kristin had a Halloween party for the kiddos.  Ryan decorated a little pumpkin, bobbed for apples and ate ghost-shaped PB&J.   We had to leave before it was time to get everyone in their costumes, but Ryan is going to be a monkey.  He wanted to be Buzz Lightyear, but we couldn’t find a costume in his size.  Thanks to the McDaniel’s for the lovely party 🙂

Sunday was Dustin’s 30th birthday and also the big unveiling of our Halloween costume.  He had a big party at the bar he works at and I was proud of staying up until midnight to be their designated driver.  It was a good time.  I was the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol and Karen and Dustin were the big winners!

I’m pretty worn out from the busy weekend and I have another busy weekend coming up.  I am going to try to take it easy the next couple days so I’m well rested for the benefit!

And just because he’s adorable, a messy face picture of my lil’ man.


4 thoughts on “Delayed Maintenance

  1. stupid coil shoes…stupid, uncaring nurse…stupid cancer…

    Yay! for caring nurse! Yay! for monkey Halloween costumes! Yay! for Lowa!

    Love you. Miss you. … ❤

  2. Your son is so adorable! So is mine! Thanks for always being there for my son’s! Try too chill. This world has gone crazy. Health care is flustrating. Giving you the runaround. Hang in there it’s almost over. So just enjoy Ryan! He will grow up! Love ya!

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