Delayed Maintenance Update

A little after 5 PM Dr. Ellis called me and the first thing he said was “I’m not going to mess up your weekend”.  He still wants me to come in on Friday for labs, but I can leave right after.  He did seem a little concerned that my white count still wasn’t where it needed to be and said after he sees my lab results on Friday, he’s going to call the doctor I had met with at Barnes to ask him his thoughts.  I am going to try not to worry about him needing to consult another doctor about my low counts and focus on going home this weekend!

A Typical Conversation in the Winstead Household:

John:  What are you doing, blogging?

Me:  Yep

John:  Are you talking about me?  Are you telling your readership about how I’m working out?

<John flexes>

John is so cute 🙂

peter westerveltJ

3 thoughts on “Delayed Maintenance Update

  1. Glad the weekend plans are a “go” for sure. The husband anecdote is just so typical isn’t it? They are so different those men! Kinda cute though!!!! Enjoy a fun fall weekend! 🙂

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