A Great Weekend

Friday morning I went to outpatient to get blood.  I  had been planning to go to lunch with some friends, but since I was stuck there, they decided to bring it to me!  Kayti and Heather brought UMI (sushi) and stayed for a little bit to visit.  Friday night after Ryan went to bed, I went over to Kayti’s house and hung out with her.  I had a good time laying on her couch watching TV and talking.

Saturday John had to work so Ryan went to John’s parents house.  My friend Aubrey came down from St. Louis and I got to have lunch with her, Cassie and Jessie. Aubrey and Michael are expecting a baby girl, Stella, so Aubrey was having a girls weekend in Branson as a baby shower of sorts.  It was great to see those girls, even if it felt like it was only for 10 minutes.

I was also excited because my lifelong friend Takara was in town to go to wedding with a friend of hers.  She came over to visit around 2 and stayed until she had to leave to go to the reception around 5:30.  It’s always great to see her, catch up and reminisce about when we were little kids, the time with her flew by too.

Saturday night John & I decided to go to Metropolitan Grill for dinner for our anniversary, it was a place we’ve always heard about but never tried.  I have been feeling pretty nauseous all weekend and I should have known better than to waste money on a meal like that when I didn’t feel great.  I was just excited to get dressed up and celebrate something!  John really liked his meal, I wasn’t too impressed, but would defiantly give it another shot.   When I feel better and had another reason to celebrate.  After dinner we stopped by Paradise at Parlor, an event the charity I’m involved in (H.O.P.E. Sertoma) was hosting.  There was a band and drinks, John had a beer and I talked with some of the girls.  It was a good time and a nice evening, but I was tired and ready to go home after a busy day.

Sunday I had lunch with Takara and her friend before they had to go home.  John’s parents brought Ryan back to the house at the same time I was getting home from lunch.  It felt like I hadn’t seen him in days and we spent the afternoon lounging and playing.  That evening, one of my other friends from Elementary School was coming into town, Emmylou!  Emma is on the St. Lunachix roller derby team and they had a bout against the Springfield RollerGirls.  Emma is so cute, and little, and non-aggressive it’s hard to see her playing this sport, but she does and it’s awesome.  Cindy kept Ryan for a couple hours and Chris came with me & John to the bout, which was a lot of fun.  I’m so glad I got to see Emma in action!

Yesterday I had to be at the dr. at 12:15, which is an unusually late appointment for me.  It’s a good thing though because the whole building had no power all morning.  They were really behind, so once they took my blood for labs they told me to go home because it would be an hour or so before we’d know the results.  I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go back in, but that was just wishful thinking.  My platelets were 12 so I had to go in for a transfusion of those.  I was the last one out of there at 7 that evening.  My WBC was super low too, .09 so I have to continue the neupogen shots at home this week, at least until I go back on Thursday.


2 thoughts on “A Great Weekend

  1. I’m so happy we were able to spend time together!! You were my favorite part of the weekend for sure. I wish we could hung around and went to the bout as well.

    I glad you had a smooth and good weekend. 🙂

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