4 Years of Marriage

Today John & I have been married for 4 years.  I always knew I married a great man, but the past 7 months he’s shown just how great he really is.  He works to support us.  He takes care of me.  He’s a wonderful Dad to Ryan, I will be so proud if Ryan turns out like his Daddy.  He never complains.  I know this has to be stressful for him too, but he never lets it show.  He makes me laugh, even when I’m down he can make me laugh.  He lets me cry and vent when I need to.  He makes me feel safe and loved.  I am very thankful for my wonderful husband.

The first dance song at our wedding was Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis, but we have another song… Till There was You by a band you may have heard of before, The Beatles.  This past year was defiantly been our “in sickness and for worse”, but I just know it’s going to make us that much stronger for all the “in health and for better” that will be in our future.

As far as treatment goes, today I had to be at the office at 9:15 for labs.  Again, a new low!  My platelets were 7, SEVEN!  What’s crazier than them being so low is that Dr. Ellis is proceeding with the chemo today, which zaps my counts.  Here were my numbers for today:

WBC:  5.2 – I’ve been doing neupogen shots the past 3 days so that came up nice & quick

Platelets:  7

Hgb:  8.2

I also told them I’ve been having some dull, on and off headaches behind my eyes.  With my platelets being so low, they decided to do a CT scan of my head, just to make sure nothing looks abnormal.  I came down to outpatient to get my type-and-cross (blood work they have to do before any platelet or blood transfusion) before I went over to a different building (The Martin Center) to have the scan done.  I don’t know the results yet nor do I know when I’ll know.  I’m now back in outpatient and I’ll be getting two different kinds of chemo (Vincristine and PEG-Asparaginase) and platelets.  I come back in tomorrow for my packed red cells (blood).  The good times just don’t stop.


5 thoughts on “4 Years of Marriage

  1. Great marriages not only survive adversity, but they thrive in spite of it. You and John are truly blessed. Happy Anniversary! — 🙂

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