More low counts

Last week I got blood on Tuesday then went back into the office to check counts again on Thursday.   My counts were still low and I needed platelets, so most of my day was spent in outpatient.  My friend Erin came by and brought me some cupcakes from the new cupcake shop downtown, cleverly named “The Cup”.  John & I have been sharing them so we could each try every flavor and they are fantastic!

Friday night we didn’t do much, just hung out at home playing with Ryan.  I took a little video on my phone so the quality isn’t great but you can view it here.  Ryan is just so stinkin’ cute.

Saturday morning we took Ryan to get a much-needed haircut, he looks so much older now.  That afternoon I went to a baby shower for my friend Tiffany.  She’s having a baby girl, due in November.  When I got home we had family nap time and when we woke up we headed down to Cider Days.  It’s a craft festival on Walnut Street where we mostly just walk around and people watch, but I did find a cute hat from one of the booths.  Some friends of ours paint pumpkins every year and they gave Ryan one with a silly face, it looks good on our porch next to the mums.  Here’s a pic of the little man:

This morning I had to be at the Dr. at 9:30 and, once again, my counts SUCK.

WBC:  1.1
Platelets: 9!
Hgb: 8.4

So, no chemo today as was the plan and I am in outpatient getting platelets.  This is as low as they have ever been, and I had just got some on Thursday.  I guess my body doesn’t really want to make them on it’s own.  I will do neupogen shots the next few days and go back on Thursday to try to get this chemo done.  It’s possible I’ll make up a LP on Friday too, just what I want to start off the weekend!

I finally got some pictures off of my camera and wanted to share a couple of me and the Ry-Guy:

And finally a shout-out of congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Dale!   I hope you love every second of your honeymoon (and your life together).  She looked beautiful.

Stacy and Justin sent a package of the goodies I would have got had I been able to make the trip, plus a hand-made handkerchief and book.  Her attention to detail is remarkable!


4 thoughts on “More low counts

  1. Sweet Laura,

    I got your pun…Ryan is so ‘stinking’ adorable 🙂

    We missed you at the wedding. Did you get your little CD package???? We showed it at the rehearsal dinner and at the Webster’s B-B-Q.

    Hope you are feeling lots better. We love you.

    • Leslie, I got the CD and it almost made me cry! They are just perfect for each other! Thanks for sending it and the card I got the week before. You guys are too good to me 🙂

  2. Hi! You were so missed this weekend! The wedding was beautiful, all of Stacy’s hard work totally paid off. I hope things go well the rest of this week, here’s to higher counts! And as always, I agree about Ryan. Too cute!

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