Round 5, Day 44 – Labor Day Weekend

Last Thursday night I got a call from Dr. Ellis in the evening.  That’s not the first time he’s called me personally and just one of the many reasons why I love him.  However, I was not too happy with the reason for the call.  We talked for almost 15 minutes most of which was him trying to find a way to tell me he doesn’t want me going to Virginia for Stacy’s wedding.  He gave good reasons- crappy counts and sticking to the schedule.  That his main goal is making sure the leukemia is gone.  I finally had to tell him that he just has to flat out tell me “no”.  So he did and he said he was sorry, that he knew I’d been planning on this forever.  So I was really bummed out about that.

A couple weeks ago I had buzzed my head using a 2 guard and left a mohawk.  Friday afternoon I decided I was done with the mohawk so I pulled out the clippers and went to town… with a 1 guard.  I’m glad Ryan wasn’t around because I said some words I wouldn’t ever want him repeating.  (which he is repeating everything right now)  So I had to buzz my whole head and it’s short… like pretty much not there at all.  Again, I’m not the happiest camper at this point.

I was also not happy because it’s a long weekend where you’re supposed to have fun, go camping, go to the lake, bbq with friends, anything besides stay in your house all weekend.  That’s pretty much what I did though.  Friday night John went out with his friend Chris for a while.  Saturday morning John and Ryan went over to his parents house and John helped his Dad paint their new house (they closed a new house a few weeks back and are doing some work on it before they move in).  I was thankful to get to sleep in and later in the morning I went over to their house.  Ryan & I headed back in the afternoon when he was clearly in need of a nap.  That night we went to Lowes to get some Mums to replace the dried up dead flowers currently in my flower pots.  Sunday I skyped with Stacy for 2 hours.  That evening John and I watched Pirate Radio in the basement.  Yesterday we were lazy all morning and then John’s parents came and got Ryan around 3 and he spent the night with them last night.  John & I later in the evening ended up going to Applebees, had to take advantage of a night without a kid in some way.  I have felt kind of nauseous the past couple days and yesterday noticed the spots (petechiae) around my ankles, a sign of low platelets.  Like I couldn’t already tell by the continued nose bleeds.

This morning I was at the office at 8.  My counts were, once again, too low for treatment.

WBC:  2.2  Up from .2 the last time

Hgb:  9.something

Platelets:  20

So now I’m in outpatient waiting on some platelets.  The place is a madhouse today, the day after a holiday usually is I guess.  They were going to send me over to the other outpatient since it’s a transfusion but Stephen and Michelle stepped in and saved me so I’m in my normal, familiar place.  I go back in on Thursday for more labs and if all goes well I’ll get a lumbar puncture and chemo and get this freakin’ show on the road.  I’m ready to be on maintenance already!

And since this was such a Debbie Downer post I’ll try to end it with a smile.

Egg Recall… Get it?!  he he


5 thoughts on “Round 5, Day 44 – Labor Day Weekend

  1. I’m sorry you’re having such a poopy day. 😦 Bummer about the wedding, too…

    What did you think of Pirate Radio? I thought it was great. Especially the “eff” word scene. 😀

    I send you hugs, a happy and sushi-filled tummy, and much love.

    “Suck it, Tribeck!”

  2. Sweet Little Laura,

    Please feel better about the wedding. You know everyone wants you there, but not at risk of your health. We will send pictures from someone’s phone like at Joanna’s. My students pray for you every hour of the day and want to know more about you. I’ll start taking in pictures.
    I know what you mean about being home alone on Labor Day. I came home Friday from school feeling like I hadn’t slept in 2 years…woke up the next morning…had a chore I wanted to do, came back and slept until 6 pm. It was circling like “Eric” and hit yeterday afternoon…some bug that kept me home today when I really need to be at work. I’m not a very patient person, as you know.

    We love you and pray that your spirits and counts will rise!

  3. Sorry you are having such a hard time this round, Laura. Praying that you have better happier days soon!!! God has his healing hands on you…. hang in there! 🙂

  4. You and I will have our visit soon enough and it won’t have to be interrupted by pesky vows! Please focus on your secret project, and I want updates about it soon! 🙂 Love you tons, Laura, more than Snoop loves gin and juice.

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