Round 5, Day 37

Today was supposed to be a day off, but if you may remember from yesterday’s blog I had mentioned my crappy counts and that I was having some nose bleeds.  That is due to the low platelets.  Well, I had several more nose bleeds this morning, ones that took several minutes to stop.  The nurse had told me to call if that was the case and so I did.  She asked the PA if I should come in today and he said no, I could wait until my appointment in the morning and just go to the ER if I had one that I couldn’t stop tonight.  She could sense my frustration with this answer.  Not because I was concerned with not being able to stop a nose bleed, but because it’s going to push my treatment back even further.  I told her that was the case and she said she would talk to Dr. Ellis.  I told her not to bother him, that even if I got platelets today I doubt my counts would be high enough to get treatment tomorrow.  She told me that it will increase my platelet count by about 10, yesterday it was 30 something and it has to be 75 to get treatment so it’s not like it would help a whole bunch.   Well, she talked to Dr. Ellis anyway and he wanted me to come in ASAP for counts.  If it’s possible they were even crappier than yesterday.

WBC:  .3

Hgb:  7.8

Platelets:  15

So I have to get blood too.  At first the plan was to go to outpatient tomorrow morning and get it all tomorrow, but then Dr. Ellis stepped in and said I had to get the platelets today, that he was afraid I would continue to bleed tonight.  There is another outpatient place, in the Wheeler Center, a building that shares a parking lot with the Hulston Cancer Center where my drs office and normal outpatient are.  They are open until 7:30 here so I’m here, still waiting on the platelets to get here.  It’s now 5:45.   It only takes about 45 minutes to transfuse the platelets once they’re here.  It’s a race against the clock.  If we don’t finish by 7:30 I’ll have to go over to the hospital to finish up, but shouldn’t have to spend the night.  They offered for me to and that I could just get it all done and I said, no thanks, my bed please.

I have finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest so I’m currently in between books.  I’ve been bringing DVD’s of Dexter so that has been keeping me entertained during my long days.  I’ve been watching some things in my Netflix queue as well.  I have a lot of time to kill these days.


5 thoughts on “Round 5, Day 37

  1. Ugh. This sounds awful. Here’s to tomorrow being a better day and getting this treatment started ASAP. As always, I’ll be praying for you 🙂

  2. Laura…

    Don’t know if you’re a fan of Barbara Kingsolver…but her book “The Prodigal Summer” is great. I’ve got a couple of others that I’ll be reading soon so I’ll let you know if I have any other suggestions! Thinking about you and hoping the best for your treatments!

  3. Sending you a big ole hug and many prayers for better days ahead. BTW….love the graphic…a great illustration of your frustration with a slight twist of humor…perfect! Hang in there….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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