Round 5, Day 18

This morning I went to my appointment at 10:30 to get labs to see if my counts were high enough to get chemo today.  I was warned right off the bat that their machine has been down all week and instead of getting my finger pricked like usual, they would have to get a tube of blood from my arm instead.  And that instead of waiting about 15 minutes for the results, it would be at least an hour because they’d have to send the sample to the lab at the hospital across the street.  Good thing I was excited about starting my new book The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest.   I sat there an hour on the dot when Dr. Ellis walked through the waiting room and grabbed me.  I was not even supposed to see him today, but add that to the list of reasons why I love him, he pulled me in an office and called the hospital himself to have them just tell him my numbers instead of waiting for all of the technical results.  My counts were:

WBC:  3.1

Hgb:  10.9

Platelets:  217

My counts were high enough to get treatment today, but since it was around lunch time I left to grab some food to take down to outpatient.  A couple of my favorite workers were back from vacation so I got to spend some time catching up with them, which was nice 🙂  All in all, one of my more enjoyable outpatient experiences as of lately.

On the way home I stopped by to get my dressing changed for my hickman and by the time I got home it was 4:30.  I am feeling good, just very, very tired.  I’m ready for bed, but wanted to let everyone know that as long as I’m feeling the same as I do now, we will be coming home tomorrow night.  I will have to continue with the neupogen shots starting on Saturday through Thursday, which have been making me very, very achy but I also got a stronger prescription for pain medicine which should help out.

I also wanted to share the story of a couple incredible ladies who are very generous.  As I’ve mentioned a thousand times, one of my best friends from college Stacy is getting married next month in Virginia.  Stacy’s mom Leslie and my friend Jamie’s mom Pat held a yard sale for us last weekend in KC.  They wanted to help with the the travel expenses for the wedding and took it upon themselves to organize and raise money to help us out.  It was very unexpected and sweet for them to take the time and effort to do this for us.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.  And as frustrating as this situation can be, it’s so nice to know that so many people care and want to help.   It’s overwhelming… in a good way 🙂


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