Round 5, Day 16

Yesterday was supposed to be a repeat of my chemo from last Monday.  I went in for labs and found my WBC to be out of whack again, except this time in the opposite direction.  Last week it was 33, yesterday it was less than one.

WBC:  .9

Hbg:  10.8

Platelets:  178

Such a low count is dangerous since it means my immune system is running on fumes.  I will give myself the neupogen shots the next 3 days to get that number up.  In the meantime it means no fresh fruit or vegetables (unless I can peel the skin) and generally avoiding people.  I go back in on Thursday to do more labs to see if I am well enough to get chemo then.

That is why Dr. Ellis said this round would be so hard, because the types of chemo I’m getting are really hard on my counts.  I am back on the super steroids again this week and can tell it’s affecting my sleep a lot more than it did the last week I was on.  It was after 2 before I fell asleep last night and then up at 7 this morning.  At least I’ve been getting a lot of reading time in lately.  Otherwise, I am generally feeling ok, just worn out and frustrated because now it makes me unsure if I’ll get to come home this weekend for the golf tournament as I had been planning on doing.  I won’t know until I see my counts on Thursday and then determine if after chemo I want to spend that much time in a car.  I will keep you all posted, but am really looking forward to seeing everyone and will be very disappointed if it doesn’t work out. I am also frustrated because of the delay in receiving chemo later than planned, this is most likely going to push back the whole round.  As I’ve mentioned since I started this blog, since before I was sick we’ve been planning on going to Norfolk, VA, for one of my best friends from college’s wedding in September.  When we started this round my last day was scheduled for the 12th with her wedding being the 18th…  I will just practice patience and ignore everything in my type-A personality that wants to plan and just find out a few days before that trip too.  It annoys me to no end to not be able to control anything in my life…  I need a vacation for my sanity. My happy place:  the Dreams resort in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.  Lying in  beach chair with a frozen strawberry daiquiri in my hand.  Floating in a raft next to the swim up bar.  24 hour room service.  Releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean.  Holding hands and walking along the beach at sunset and sunrise.  Did I mention room service and the amazing all-inclusive restaurants?  What about the frozen, fruity beach drinks?   Ahhhh.  I guess a girl can dream.

This past weekend was nice, but busy.  Friday afternoon I had lunch with my Uncle Larry, Dante, Nicole and Andrea.  They were on their way down to Branson so they stopped by to see me on the way, which was great.  That evening, I went to a book club meeting with my friend Cassie to talk about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I met some great new gals and had a fun, relaxing evening with great conversation.  I’m looking forward to meeting with them again.

Saturday morning Mom, Dad, Pam, Chelsey and Brandi stopped by to visit, they too had been in Branson and stopped by on their way home.  We had lunch together, which was nice, but was all around too short of a visit. After they left, the afternoon was spent napping and when we woke up we headed to the fair.  If I had know how low my WBC was, it would not have been a safe place to go, as I should be avoiding crowds.   But, ignorance is bliss and we went and ate fair food and did some people watching.  On the way home we stopped by Chris and Cindy’s house as they were having a bon fire for Chris’ birthday, but we didn’t stay long as it was already past little man’s bedtime.

Sunday was a pretty laid back day around the house.  I did the grocery shopping for the week, John got the yard work done, and then I fixed some BBQ ribs in the afternoon.  This week is looking pretty laid back as well, which I like the sound of.


5 thoughts on “Round 5, Day 16

  1. Laura,

    It was great to hear/read from you! My wish for you is to be able to rest/sleep and a vacation to your dream spot. We’ll take Ry-guy if you go. 🙂

    Please be selfish….take it easy. We love you.

    • Patience, Grasshopper.
      Wise one say, Good things come to those who wait. You certainly are an expert in waiting so your dreams should come true in a big way. Angels are watching over you. Much love to you,

  2. I really like the sounds of your happy place… *sigh* Take it easy, stay away from the germs and hopefully all goes well so you can come home this weekend! You past weekend sounds like it was a good time – I love fair food! lol

  3. Hang in there, Laura. Praying for your counts to improve and most of all for your complete and total healing. “Type A’s” have a really tough time taking care of themselves, but be kind to yourself and have faith in better days to come!!! Love the ocean picture…reminds me of happy peaceful times too……. Take care… 🙂

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