Beginning Round 5

Monday I started my 5th round, or as I would prefer to think about it, my last real round before I start maintenance! I was at Dr. Ellis’ office at 10 to get labs to make sure my counts were high enough to start, they were and so I headed over to 5W. My day consisted of getting a lumbar puncture, two different kinds of chemo, pills that Dr. Ellis described as “prednisone (steroids) on steroids”, and then 6 hours of IV fluids after I was finished with the chemo. I was originally told I would spend the night, but Dr. Ellis said when I was done with everything I could go home, as long as I was feeling ok. Sure, it was 11 PM before I was discharged, but at least I got to go home and sleep in my own bed. More good news about this round is that I thought I’d be going into outpatient everyday for a week on, then a week off, but those are just the steroid on steroid pills. I have to go to outpatient tomorrow to get one kind of chemo so it shouldn’t take too much time out of my day.

Yesterday I woke up feeling good, no headaches from the lumbar puncture, just some achiness and tiredness. It was a great day because Sara came down for the day. We went to a long lunch then went to Wal-Mart to pick up all of my prescriptions, we got to spend the rest of the day just catching up and talking. I just want to thank her for driving here and home in the same day just to visit, she’s the best.

Yesterday was John’s birthday! He wanted pizza so when he got home we had dinner then his family came over for pie and ice cream later in the evening. I try to let him know how much I appreciate him as often as possible, but it’s always nice to brag a little to everyone too 🙂 He’s such a great dad and husband. He never complains about all of the extra responsibilities he’s had to pick up over the past five months. We are very lucky to have such a great man to head up our little family 🙂


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