Yay for low platelets!

I went to the doctor this afternoon and my labs showed that my platelets were too low to start treatment today.  I can’t remember what he said they were, somewhere in the 50’s and they needed to be at least 75.  While they are too low to start treatment, they weren’t low enough to have to be given platelets, they should come up on their own over a few days.

The new plan is to start this round on Monday, which means I don’t have to go in to get chemo on Ryan’s birthday!  I get a few more days off!  My hip is still sore and I currently can’t taste or smell anything, but I overall I feel pretty good.   John is off work tomorrow and my parents are coming in on Saturday, so I will be able to enjoy this weekend with family.


4 thoughts on “Yay for low platelets!

  1. Hope you enjoy a great birthday with Ryan and your family. God works in mysterious ways….sometimes too low is a blessing!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Laura,

    I just love winnie’s remarks, always. I want to meet her!

    I am sooooo happy that you get a calm weekend with your boys. Happy birthday to Ryan AND John.

    Love you all.

  3. Hurray, a few days off. Just what you need. Enjoy the boys birthdays and your parents visit. Kiss Ry-guy for me. I loved spending time with your beautiful family. Happy birthday Ryan and John.
    Love you all, See you soon.

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