Weekend Recap

Friday at noon my friends Heather and Kayti picked me up and we headed up highway 13.  It used to be a split highway, kind of curvy and an overall more interesting drive than straight up 44 to St. Louis.  They have been working on 13 for years and finally opened the new lanes to where it is 2 lanes the whole trip, which was nice and saved a little time.  We got to Stacy’s parents house around 3 in the afternoon.  Lauren was supposed to be flying in at 5:45, so Stacy and her Dad went to the airport to pick her up while I rested back at the house.  Her flight was delayed due to a massive storm, but by 8 they were back along with Joanna in from Lincoln.  We had dinner and spent the rest of the evening talking and catching up.  Saturday afternoon was Stacy’s wedding shower at her aunt’s house.  It was a very nice afternoon with some lovely ladies.  Thanks to Stacy’s family for their hospitality.

After the shower I went with them to the hotel for a while, they were going out on the town that night.  My cousin Drew picked me up at 6 to go to dinner.  We went to a little pub named McCoys in Westport then later in the night went to see a movie, Cyrus.  It was a strange movie, I don’t regret seeing it but probably wouldn’t watch it again.  I always love being able to hang out and catch up with Drew.

Sunday afternoon Drew & I met Kayti & Heather at P.F. Chang’s, my favorite restaurant.  We got chicken lettuce wrap and crab wonton appetizers and I got the kung-pow scallops, as always.  And it was delicious, as always.  From lunch we headed back to Springfield.  Even though it was a short trip, I was very happy to be home and see my boys!!


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