Manic Monday… and Tuesday

Monday morning I was scheduled to have a bone marrow biopsy.  John & I get to the hospital admissions desk at 8AM and go through all of the steps… yes my address is the same, no my insurance hasn’t changed, yes we’ve met our out-of-pocket for the year…  I should have a speed pass I wave and just go where I need to.

I get to the same day surgery room and settle in.  I requested Dr. Anderson to do the procedure, every time he’s done it, it has gone very smooth.  They come in and take a few tubes of blood to check my counts.  As it turns out, my HGB was 6.2.  It’s supposed to be 12.  No wonder I’ve been so exhausted.  Dr. Ellis ordered 2 units of blood which to me sounds like “You’re going to be spending your next 7 hours in this room”.  Dr. Anderson was still going to continue with the bone marrow biopsy, he just wanted me to be on oxygen during it.  I was thinking that at least I’d get that over with while I was waiting on the blood to get there.  It has to be brought over from another hospital in town after it’s luco-depeleted and irrarited or something.  And by the way, I double checked and I’m O positive.

9:30 AM- The nurse gives me versed.  It’s the medicine that’s supposed to make you forget, but doesn’t really work on me anymore.  After she’s given it to me Dr. Anderson decides he’s not going to do the procedure.  Since I was going to be there all day, John decided to go back to work in the afternoon.  He left to run by the house and grab us some lunch.  While he was gone, Dr. Anderson came in to explain why he didn’t want to do it.  It was because he didn’t want me to have the versed.  I told him I already had it.  This drug is supposed to basically knock you out and he couldn’t even tell I’d had it.  He got pissed!  The nurse told me later that he had yelled at her “you’re lucky she didn’t arrest, you could have killed her!”.  Awesome.  I told them that we might as well go ahead and get it over with since I’d already had the drugs, even though he wouldn’t give me the morphine.  I’d rather tough it out and get it over with.  So now it was back on.  Only problem was I have to sign a consent form and I couldn’t sign it now because I’d been given the versed.  Back off.  Rescheduled for Tuesday.

John brought Mr. Goodcents subs for lunch, then he left to go back to work.  I took a little nap and finally around 2PM the blood showed up.  We started the transfusion of the first unit, each unit takes 2 hours.  My Aunt Phyllis was coming in to stay with us for a couple days, my cousin Dustin picked her up in Rolla and brought her down.  They got into town a little after 4 and came to the hospital.  I was working on my second bag of blood at that point and by the time John got off of work and made it across town around 6, I was finally able to leave.  We stopped at John’s parents house to get Ry-Guy then by the Pasta House where Chris hooked us up with a massive amount of food.  We headed home and had a nice meal before bath and bedtime for the little dude.  He wasn’t sure what to think about Phyllis the first night.

Tuesday morning Phyllis and I were at the hospital admissions desk at 8AM.  They called me back to do the same exact thing I did the day before.  The only difference is Dr. Anderson wanted me to have the bone marrow done on 5W (my wing of the hospital) instead of in the same day surgery rooms.  So that means we had to wait on a room.  And wait we did.  Finally at 10:30 we went upstairs, and from then on the process was pretty quick.  Dr. Anderson came in the room at 11 and by noon it was done.  I have to lay on my back for an hour after this too, just to keep pressure on the area they go in.  We were home by 2.

Later that afternoon Dustin and Phyllis went to the grocery store for things to make potato chip pork chops.  Dustin made a great dinner for us, I think he should be a chef.   What he shouldn’t do is talk smack about how good he is at Scattergories.  After Ryan went to bed we played and John, never having played before, beat Dustin, who is a self-proclaimed Scattergories master.  I have to say I’m not surprised, I married a genius.

This morning Phyllis and I sat around and talked.  Dustin came over at noon to pick her up to take her back.  It was a very nice visit and I wanted to thank her for coming down 🙂

Today I am pretty sore.  I think it always hurts worse the second or third day.  I don’t have results back from the test yet, most likely by the end of the week we’ll know.  Tomorrow I see Dr. Ellis at 1:15 and will have to spend the night at the hospital tomorrow night.  I’m fairly certain I will have to get another lumbar puncture to start out this round.  The round that’s going to kick my ass.  I will get chemo everyday for a week starting tomorrow.  That means chemo on Ryan’s birthday and John’s birthday.  If we stay on task that means that I should have days off in line with the golf tournament my cousin Al is working so hard on.  So hopefully the weekend of August 14th we should be in De Soto.

My niece Torie is getting her gallbladder out today after a couple days of tests.  It seems like she was always saying how bad her stomach was hurting her so I’m glad that they finally found out what was wrong.  I had mine out in college and it was immediate relief so I hope that’s the case with her and wish her a quick recovery.

Tonight John and I are going to do a little shopping for Ryan’s birthday- both cake and presents.  That is if John will be seen in public with a wife who walks like a little 80 year old lady with a hip problem 🙂

Aunt Phyllis

3 thoughts on “Manic Monday… and Tuesday

  1. I so hate that they do that stuff to you. Be careful mentioning the hospital speed pass, someone will patent it before you can. However, your attitude and writing about the whole thing made me laugh. Very glad they didn’t kill you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I so hate that they do that stuff to you. However, your attitude and writing of the whole thing made me laugh. You should be careful mentioning the hospital speed pass, someone will get it patent before you have a chance. One last thing, I’m very glad they didn’t kill you!!!!!! And, Lee wants to know who you would have play the part of Laura Winstead in your movie.

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