Round 4, Day 43

This morning I had to be at the Dr’s office at 8:15AM for labs.  They were sort of low today, but not low enough to get out of getting the lumbar puncture.

WBC: 2.3

Hgb:  8.8

Platelets: 108

I headed over to the 5W at Cox South and waited until around noon to go down for the the procedure.  I was finished by one or so then had to get two other kinds of chemo through my hickman.  My blood work also showed really low calcium levels so I had to stay for another hour to get some of that through my IV too.  I am supposed to be taking a prescription starting tomorrow that helps get some of the chemo out of my system.  Methotrexate (sp?) is the chemo I get  in the L.P. and the IV and every time I go in, I receive a higher dose of it.  It’s hard for my body to get it out of my system on it’s own and this drug helps do that.  So when we left the hospital at 5 or so we stopped by Wal-Mart to get that and to pick up some Allegra D since I still have all of this congestion stuff going on.  Well, they didn’t call in the one and you have to have a prescription for the Allegra, which I didn’t have either.  So I get the pleasure of heading back there tomorrow, it’s just so frustrating!  All in all, I don’t feel that bad tonight and I just hope I continue to feel better and better by this weekend.  I’m hoping to head up to KC for Stacy’s wedding shower, I’m even fairly certain I have a road trip buddy, possibly buddies, which is exciting.  Some girl time and seeing my cousin Drew would be a pretty welcome break.

John’s parents had been watching Ryan and promptly returned him so we could sit on the couch, watch Wheel of Fortune, and eat frozen pizza before bath and bed time.  He is going to Prime the next couple days so I can rest up and recoup.  There hasn’t been much exciting news on this end, just taking it day by day.  And getting ready for a little boy’s birthday.  And I guess his Dad’s birthday too.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Round 4, Day 43

  1. Hey Laura…your graphics are so cute! Keep taking good care of yourself. Your prayer warriors are still on duty! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Yay! cant wait to see you this weekend. And its amazing the little man is turning 2. It seems like just yesterday the aunties were coming down to meet him. 🙂 Drive safe with your buddies!

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