Round 4, Day 27

The past several days have been pretty laid back.  Wednesday morning Ryan got his second haircut!  We went in around 10:30 and they did not have an opening until around 11:45.  It was already approaching nap time the first time we stopped in, so by the time we went back, he was not really down with the idea.  They have the little chairs that are cars and airplanes, but he would not sit in those.  Instead, I sat in a normal chair and he sat on my lap.  After that the haircut went fine and he looks so much older!  Here he is with his sock monkey blanket 🙂

Wednesday afternoon my cousin Dustin came over to make us homemade chicken and dumplings!   While we were waiting for the chicken to cook, we decided to go to a wig shop.  Our friends Chris and Cindy are friends with Carmen and Chrissy, who own said wig shop.  It was fun to try them on, but so weird to just automatically have a full head of hair again.  I decided on one, it’s the Jennifer Aniston, and it’s pretty close to my old color.  I am still not sure if it is something that I will use everyday, although it was not as hot or itchy as I have heard.  Chrissy ended up stopping by to visit his wife while I was there, so they helped me picked it out and in the end, gave it to me for free.   I am so very grateful to them for their generosity!  Thanks again!

When John got home from work we had our fantastic dinner Dustin prepared.  I had a headache for most of the day, not the splitting headache that I’ve had before after the spinal taps, but just a dull headache that wouldn’t go away.  It progressively got worse after dinner.  I decided that maybe taking a bath would help me relax and get rid of that stiffness that is still in my neck.  It didn’t help so I decided to go to bed around 9 but before I did I sat up too quick and there the splitting headache was, so bad that I ended up getting sick.  After that I was able to go to sleep.  I didn’t sleep too great that night, waking up and lot and then Thursday morning waking up from charlie horses in my calves.  I am now having to take a potassium prescription everyday too, the amount of movement in my calves is unreal.

Thursday night was the night John drew the winning ticket for the shotgun he was raffling off.  The winner was a guy John works with named Rex.  We got a group of friends together and headed to the Fox & Hound.  It’s a great deal there, if you have a group of 10 or more they give you 3 pizzas, 50 wings and chips & salsa for free.  I had been looking forward to it all day, but had a headache and the smell of a bar… well, it wasn’t good.  There was a guy smoking a cigar and between that and my headache, I got sick several times in the hour or so I stayed.  I came home and got into bed where I stayed until Friday morning.

Friday I had been planning on heading home for Emma’s wedding.  All week I had been planning and really, really looking forward to going.  I’ve been friends with Emma since elementary school so of course I wanted to be at her wedding and it’s not too often that I get to see all of my friends together at one time.  Friday I was still feeling pretty rough so I decided that I did not want to make the trip, at least not that day.  I was hoping that I would wake up Saturday morning and feel fantastic and that I could go up in time for the wedding at 4.  Well, that wasn’t the case either.  My head hurts and the base of my neck hurts, like I have a limited range of motion to move my head around.   If I sit up for too long, the headache gets worse and I feel nauseous so I pretty much need to be laying down at all times.  I have been planted on the couch since Monday.  I am upset that I didn’t get to go, but I hope Emmylou had a fantastic day and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

I had gone to the doctor on Friday morning and my counts were pretty good.  I don’t have to go in to do anything until Thursday (which is already July!) when I get another lumbar puncture.  I just hope that this need of laying down goes away before then.  It’s really getting old.


5 thoughts on “Round 4, Day 27

  1. You, darling, look gorgeous! And way to go Dustin! Charlie horses are the worst. Get ready, my mother will tell you to drink tonic water because the quinine will help with that! 🙂

  2. Love the pics and always love reading your blog. The “new do” is very nice, although you are also able to pull off the “sans hair look” very well, too! Take care and keep hanging tough!!! God Bless You Laura!!! 🙂

  3. Laura, I hate to dissappoint Stacy, so here goes: Drink Tonic Water because quinine is awsome for relieving charley horses. I actually have a doc that prescribes the quinine pills! They are heavenly.

    Thanks for the adorable picture of Ryan and his monkey stuff….so cute.

    Try not to worry about “couching it” all day. You deserve the time off. I just pray your pain goes away.

  4. Hi Laura, you look beautiful with or without hair, although the wig is very nice. I love the pictures of you and baby Ryan. You’re in my thoughts and prayers every day. Tell John hello for me. I would love to come see you guys, but I’ll call first. Love to all, Nin

  5. Laurie Bethie !!!!! You sexy girlie-girl !!!!! After seeing Ry’s sock monkey and you talking about how he likes it so much, I went on a journey to find mine from when I was little. And I found him!!!! So now Ryan and Mary both have something special in common – Sock Monkeys. I am so thankful you are doing so good. I pray that these headaches too will subside. 🙂 Luv you loads & missing lots!!! Mary

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