Round 4, Day 22

My last post was Saturday so I had not mentioned Father’s Day yet.  Well, Dad went home on Saturday and John had to work during the day, so that part didn’t feel much like a holiday.  I did get to meet a couple friends for lunch who were in town- Monica & Maggie.  Maggie & I have done a pretty good job of seeing each other since we left college (which for me was now 6 years ago!?!), but I can’t remember the last time I saw Monica.  It was so great to see both of them and catch up!  When John got home in the late afternoon we had the feast I prepared for him.  A taboli salad, and also a tomato & mozzarella salad because that’s what I was craving.  Tri-tip steak, corn-on-the-cob, and fresh green beans.  There were cookies, although not homemade, for dessert.  I missed a perfect picture opportunity, but you should have seen Ryan eating the corn.  It took him a little bit to get the idea but he sat and tried to eat it for about 15 minutes, it was pretty cute.  Ryan got his Dad a book and beer kit, it’s been a while since John has brewed some beer.  John has been wonderful in all of this and I try to do a good job of letting him know how much I appreciate him on a daily basis, but it’s good to have a day to celebrate it.  I missed seeing my Dad, but I hope he knows how thankful I am for him as well.

Yesterday morning I had to be at Dr. Ellis’ office at 8:15AM to check my counts before lumbar puncture (L.P.) 3/5 for this round.  Mom went with me while Ryan went to Prime with John.  My counts were really good again so I went over to my floor on the hospital (5W) to get my chemo and L.P. for the day.  I was in the room by 9:15AM and had to wait until a little after 3 to get the L.P. because I was not on the schedule down in radiology.  I guess the office doesn’t set it up with them in case my counts aren’t good enough?  I don’t know, I would think it would be easier to get on the schedule and cancel than to have them sneak me when they can, but what do I know?   The thing is,  I am used to the waiting, but waiting while not eating makes me a little pissy pants.  I got a couple kinds of chemo in the afternoon before I went down so that after the procedure I could just lay flat on my back for the mandatory hour.  My fantastic RN Tira discharged me so I was able to go home at 6 last night.

This morning I’m feeling pretty good.  I really try to make it a point to lay as much as possible after these for a couple days, if possible.  I (knock on wood) don’t have the dreaded “spinal headache”, just some serious stiffness in my neck.  It’s weird, they put the needle low in my spine, but it always hurts me in the shoulder/ neck area, like I can’t turn my head.

I have to go to outpatient today to get more chemo, but after that I’m free until Friday when I have to go in for labs.  (If you don’t count the mandatory Thursday dressing changes).   I asked Dr. Ellis yesterday that if my labs looked good, was there any reason I couldn’t go to STL this weekend and he gave me the green light.  So… Emma… I’m planning on being at your wedding!  John will not be able to go with us, he has to work, but it may work out that I get to spend a few days at home, which would be nice.


4 thoughts on “Round 4, Day 22

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts, Laura, and I love the cartoon! You are an amazing lady with an amazing attitude and courage. Safe travels and prayers for a great visit in STL!!! 🙂

  2. When you get home, give me a call if you have time. I have a great little book for you called ANGELS 101. I loved it and it is a quick read. Glad you will be home.
    See you soon. Love ya.

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