Round 4, Day 19

On day 17 of this round, or last Thursday, I went to the doctor to get my counts.  They were really, really good for the first time in a long time!  I still feel worn out and sore, but at least my immune system isn’t compromised at the moment!

WBC:  14.9

Hbg:  11.2

Platelets:   140

I had been giving myself the neupogen shots every night to help increase my WBC and I guess those really kicked it into overdrive because that number is actually higher than it should be.  The normal range is 4.1 -10.9.  Needless to say, we discontinued those until further notice and made my appointment for Monday morning.  Monday I’ll need to get lumbar puncture 3/5 for this round.  It will be a full day but at least it’s only one day.  Gosh, it was so nice having this whole week off.

Friday is like our Saturday so John, Ryan & I spent the afternoon running some errands and then napping.  Friday night we met the family at Incredible Pizza to do one last gathering before Amy and the kids made the big move back home to North Carolina.  It’s only been a few months, but I just loved having Amy around.  We really can’t thank her enough for all she’s done to help us and it makes me sad to see them go.  I am thankful for the time we got to spend together even though it was due to these crappy circumstances.  I hope when we make our big trip out east for Stacy’s wedding in September that we have a chance to meet up with them, but if not it will be Christmas, which isn’t terribly far away.  Thanks again Amy, we love ya!

John’s parents are helping her move back and then heading to Philadelphia for my father-in-laws Army reunion and will also be gone for a couple weeks.  So…

This morning Mom & Dad came into town.  Mom is going to be staying with us for a couple weeks to help  🙂  Dad took us to lunch at Outback then headed back home.  He wanted to have a day to relax before heading back to work, which I understand but also kind of sucks because I would have liked to spend Father’s Day with him.  Today was also Joanna & Andy’s wedding, Joanna being one of my good friends from college.  It was in Lincoln, NE, so we were not able to go, but know I’m thinking about you guys and hoping your day is the best!  Love you guys!  Stacy’s mom Leslie sent me some pictures from Joanna’s shower so I posted one of my favorites below.  Leslie also sent an adorable sock monkey blanket for Ryan, thanks so much, I love it!!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Round 4, Day 19

  1. Praise God for great labs and awesome family and friends to love and support you! You are truly an inspiration, Laura, and your strength through all of this inspires me in ways you would never imagine. The pics are great and really add so much to your blogs. Stay strong! 🙂

  2. Laura,

    What wonderful news…. I am soooo extremely happy that you had a good week. We missed you and thought about you at the wedding. I was pleased when Stacy took and sent a picture for you. You are loved by many!

    Remember Ryan is the reason I made the blanket. He is just too adorable. Don’t look too closely as there are many errors. I hope to get better.

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